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Heart Trust is a “brain trust” composed of highly skilled medical professionals specializing in pediatric cardiac care.  This skill covers the following disciplines: cardiology, surgery, anesthesia, perfusion, critical care and respiratory therapy and nursing care, both operating room and pediatric intensive care. Our organization takes small medical teams to developing countries desperately in need of training in the above disciplines. We work hand-in-hand with local professionals to help them advance the medical skills in the field of cardiac care.  We also procure and donate medical equipment to developing countries.  We provide local training on this equipment as well.  Heart Trust’s hope is to effect an improvement in the local healthcare situation through both skill transfer and equipment donation.


At this time, Heart Trust is a small, fledging organization but we are proud of our members and of the combined expertise we have gathered. Our Board of Directors is primarily medical, with the exception of the president of the organization, Shereen Abdel-Meguid.  We are honored to include the world renowned, Dr. Aldo Castañeda as a Director of our Board.  He was Chief of Surgery at Boston Children’s Hospital for 22 years until his retirement in 1997, and is known in the medical world as  “ the grandfather of pediatric cardiac surgery.” Dr. Castañeda has retired to Guatemala where he has helped to create the pediatric arm of Unidad de Cirugia Cardiovascular de Guatemala (UNICAR), a hospital focusing primarily on children with congenital heart defects. Our third medical mission to Guatemala took place in January 2008.  Seven complex open heart procedures were successfully performed, nineteen catherization procedures and seven ablations took place. A total of thirty-three children were provided with a chance at a normal childhood and hope for a future. 


All of our patients are indigent patients.  Because of the lack of local financial resources, it is difficult for these children to receive the care they require.  Heart Trust provides medical care to children who may not otherwise receive life-saving care without our help.  These children absolutely deserve to have a full childhood, as well as a future, and we will do everything we can to make that a reality.


We sincerely wish we could save every single child.  Medical teams from many organizations do the best they can for these children in need.  However, the greatest gift we can give to these children, and those after them, is to improve the local care extended once we leave a country.   We can never be present long enough to help all these struggling, gravely ill children—but we do our best to try to effect a change.  This is the mission of Heart Trust. 


We do not accept any remuneration for any of our services whatsoever.  All expenses associated with the medical mission, including travel and lodging, are covered by Heart Trust.  There are no paid employees and all team members participate on a strictly volunteer basis.  Your entire contribution will go directly towards fulfilling Heart Trust’s goal to help as many children as possible.