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Heather Banks

Heather Banks
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Health dangers of Scoliosis Disease:

As far as scoliosis treatment nyc in teenagers and children is concerned it is not clear until the spinal curve become prominent. It may come in the notice of parents who get to know that the fitting of the child’s clothes is not even and the clothes hang in an uneven manner. The spine of the child might look bent and also the ribs may appear coming out. A child with scoliosis may have the following

• One shoulder may be slightly higher than the other

• One hip may also be higher than the other

• The head of the child is not at the center of his body

• One shoulder blade may appear to be coming out tan the other

• The ribs become higher on one side when the child tends to bend from the waistline.

•The waistline could be flat.

In most of the cases scoliosis will not cause pain in teenagers and children. In case of back pain due to scoliosis the reason could be due to the stress on the disc, muscles and ligaments. The pain at the back is not because of the curve. If a teenager has pain due to scoliosis it may signify of another problem which is tumor of the spine. If your child has pain due to scoliosis it is very important to consult a doctor in order to find out the cause of the pain.

In case of adults who have scoliosis they may or may not experience back pain. In the majority of cases of back pain it is difficult to know whether the pain is due to scoliosis or not read more. But if scoliosis in a person becomes severe than it can lead to difficulty in breathing besides causing back pain. The symptoms of kyphosis are also similar to those of scoliosis.

A person can increase the risk of scoliosis due to the following things

Family history: Scoliosis runs in the family, which is called genetics Scoliosis. Daughters of women with scoliosis are more prone to get scoliosis.

Being female:

 Girls in comparison to boys are more likely to develop the curve which requires to be treated.

Scoliosis is found extensively in people who have

• A spinal bone which has gone forward usually in the region of the lower back.

• Abnormally short legs or arms

• Disorders related to the development of tissues while the child is still in the womb.



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