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CROWDRISE : Mar 16, 2012
Tax ID: 31-0668084
BASED: Columbus, OH, United States



Our Mission

The mission of the Heinzerling Foundation is to provide a loving and nurturing environment that enriches the development, education and quality of life of individuals with severe or profound developmental disabilities.

Demographic Served:

Traditionally, developmental disabilities are divided into four levels of severity:  mild, moderate, severe, and profound. The Heinzerling Foundation primarily serves the population of individuals with severe or profound developmental disabilities. Most of these individuals are non-ambulatory and non-verbal and range in age from infant to 80 years of age. Our census is normally at 100% and at times, we have a waiting list.  Our central location, immaculate facilities and reputation for high quality care makes the Heinzerling Foundation a much sought after organization.  Currently, we have two facilities:

-Heinzerling Memorial Foundation (HMF) is home to 104 children and young adults.  

-Heinzerling Developmental Center (HDC) is home to 104 adults over the age of 22.               

Description of Services and Programs Provided:

The Foundation has a highly skilled staff, which includes such specialists as dieticians, direct care assistants, physical therapists, physicians and dentists, and consulting psychologists. The staff goes beyond highly trained caregivers. To the residents, they are trusted friends, family, and supporters, who encourage and make living worthwhile.  The extra love and personal involvement they bring to their work is largely responsible for the progress displayed by many of our residents. A brief description of the daily services and programs provided include:

Programming-residents receive daily living activities that give them opportunities to work on current skills and work on new growth towards independence. Examples of this include feeding and dressing one’s self, walking using assistive walkers, and moving arms and hands to complete small tasks. Also, the programming staff works with each resident to develop goals for communication, socialization and daily living activities/leisure. In addition, residents also participate in 250 annual community field trips. These include camp programs, zoo trips, movies, museum visits, concerts, swim trips, therapeutic horseback riding, adaptive fishing, and seasonal parties.

Dietary Services-registered dieticians assess the nutritional needs of each resident and develop individualized nutrition plans. They prepare food in various textures and liquid form that adhere to the developmental and oral motor abilities of the residents. They also conduct tube feedings and prepare lunches for off-site activities.

Therapy-residents receive physical and occupational therapy services by licensed therapists. Each resident is given assessments and interventions for musculoskeletal and sensorimotor skill development. The results of these exercises assist therapists in developing an “Individual Habilitation Plan” for each resident. Additional support and treatments are given for swallowing disorders. Also, maintenance staff build specialized wheelchairs and orthopedic equipment for residents.

Nursing-residents receive 24 hour care and emergency medical services by RN's and LPN's. This includes medication administration, respiratory services, skin and wound treatments, and ostomy care. In addition there is an on-site physician and dentist to provide annual checkups and any necessary treatments.

Tax ID: 31-0668084 •


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