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As most of you know, my mom

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As most of you know, my mom, Misty, has stage four breast cancer. After going through 7 rounds of chemo and radiation, she's still managing to keep the cancer at bay. However, recently she was infected by Cellulitis which is an infection that invades the skin. Due to her extremely weak immune system, she needs to get rid of this infection as soon as possible. Her breast has turned black and blue and they did emergency surgery to remove the implant and cut away some of the infection. There's not enough skin to sew her back up so she is left with a huge open wound that she must dress and clean daily and the infection is still present in her body.
The doctors are unsure of when she will be released from the hospital and so I am flying out to see her and be with her until she is out of the hospital and then stay with her at home until she is 100% again. Thankfully, Misty has AMAZING friends and an entire support group who have been there for her. One of her friends paid for my $580 one-way ticket to go see my mom but I want to make sure I pay her back with donations from my friends and my mom's friends so that the entire burden of the plane ticket does not lie on one person. Also, flying into Savannah is a bit pricey since it's a small airport. The total amount I am asking for is the flight there and the flight back (both around $580).
Anything help. Literally, anything. I'm leaving this fundraiser open until August 12th. Any extra funds that are raised will be donated in full to Misty's real estate company which is already raising and saving



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