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Help a working single Mom get back on her feet!

Organized by: Heather Johnson

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I started dating my daughters father about 3.5 years ago (we were friends for about 14ish years prior). 9 months later, we got pregnant and now our daughter will be 2 on April 1st. Shortly after Christmas, we got into a dispute. He left and after 3 months of him stringing me along and making broken promises, I realized that I deserve much better and I decided to give up on our relationship. He didn't want to be forced to come back but I also didn't want to force myself into being with someone who isn't a good Man to me anymore.

I have been a stay at home Mom and homemaker since our daughter was born so I don't have any money and he has had a 50% garnishment for past due and current child support for his oldest daughter. Our main issues were the financial situation along with his inability to be physically and emotionally supportive. He was working for basically nothing and that caused a lot of animosity between us. I didn't hold that against him though because I loved him regardless and I had no intentions in leaving him for his weaknesses. I just wanted him to respect me, appreciate me, and love me. He didn't hold up his end of the bargain which was to financially support us when it was best for me to be home with our daughter and HE chose to leave. Our daughter has a birth defect called VUR that requires special care to prevent UTI's so I don't trust many people to watch her, nor do I have many people to watch her.

The good news is: I just landed my dirty but amazing office job back as a secretary/receptionist, which is what I love and I need the money more than ever! I can FINALLY afford ALL of my bills and even get cable/internet in the future, with money leftover to take my daughter to the zoo and such! I beginning to feel like I'm in my early-mid 20's again, back when I had my shit together!

The problem is: When I was with my daughters father, he would rather pay the cable/internet bill, his PS4 membership, WWE network subscription, and blow his money on things that should have been sacrificed. He wasn't paying the utility bills, the lot rent, or the car insurance and I've angor ten countless loans from my retired stepdad who is tapped out. I also had no choice but to use my daughters tax refund to pay my stepdad back from 2015 and the lot rent for the last 3 months. I own the home and I paid cash for it 3.5 years ago but I have to pay lot rent, utilities, and home repairs. I have already received assistance from the state for the utility bills and now I'm starting fresh but I need to also start fresh with my "lot landlord" and the cost to pay a friend of mine a good tip for doing the repairs for free, not including parts. My home needs some important repairs including some of the flooring, plumbing, some Windows need to be replaced, a water pipe bursted during the winter, and I have some new flooring for the kitchen already. That's also what I'm asking for help with...

I have a consent judgement with my landlord that requires me to pay $400 every other Friday until I'm caught up but that will take me over a year or maybe even 2 because every 1st of the month, the balance goes up with a late fee. Some months, I end up having to pay $1,200. If I don't get this balance paid, I will lose my home and that terrifies me. I will be making great money but I wont get by unless I catch up and I even spent hours writing up my entire budget plan on a spreadsheet and there is just no way that I will get by after $400 every other Friday NOT including utilities, car insurance, gas, or any of the things that we need in life. However, if I get caught up on my outstanding balance, I can go back to paying $580-$600 a month on lot rent and I'll be able to afford life again!

God Bless you all❤️

For those of you who remember the car situation or for those of you who would like to know; My Mom gave me her car a year or so before my daughters father and I started dating. She kept it in her name and continued to make the payments along with the insurance all of these years. Last year, my Mom couldn't afford the insurance and she finally paid the car off so she signed it over to me and we soon found out that his insurance rates were way better than mine. We put the car in his name for the better rate (which he only paid once because he figured he could get away with it since the tags don't expire until this August) Irresponsible..Moral of the story is: When he left, he took my car because it was legally in his name but it doesn't morally belong to him and he knows that! Everyone knows that! Since we've been apart, I have still managed to get our daughter to and from his Mom's house where he's been staying because he doesn't currently have a license and he's afraid to drive the car. He finally agreed to give me my car back if I write up a contract stating that I will still be responsible for getting our daughter to and from him on our agreed upon visitation days until he gets his own car but no longer than 2 months. He has to approve it and he wants it notarized! At least I will finally have my car back but what a horrible thing to do to someone, especially your child's Mother. 


Organized by

Heather Johnson

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