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Organized by: Rob Arnold

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CoCreation - Evolution - Symbiosis 

 “Working to raise the standards of informative & educational media” -RWA Films “Healing our society through sociological means” “Creating A change, through Sociological Exchange” 
 -RWA Films LLC, Please help us finish the post-production of our documentary web series "Awakening Truth" through our media platform "Vibrational Information". Help us so we may release it for FREE for everyone to see. Greetings, Thank you for taking an interest in Awakening Truth. We are incredibly grateful.

Everyone wants and needs to be acknowledged, respected, appreciated and supported. These are a few of the many sociological needs each individual needs for progressive evolutionary growth to unfold. 
Many of us consider these things to be what it is or is like to be loved. We should not think of these things as loving one another but as basic necessities of human survival including food and water. There has been a good deal of scientific evidence showing that humans need sociological support for the development of their psyche to be what one would call stable. Could it be that the instability we are facing in our current society correlates with the instability most individuals? Might that instability be due to the environment we are surrounded by or surround our selves in? Perhaps that environment is inhospitable towards supported behaviors or social norms considered to be nurturing, loving, caring, supportive, ext? We need to look at the ways that we can self empower and through that self-empowerment how we may empower others in feeling accomplishment, satisfaction and acknowledgment. Awakening Truth is a humanitarian based documentary series focused on documenting humanitarian aspects individuals and or groups have worked hard towards developing. We’ve made it our mission to document these incredible individual’s as well as our own experiences to show what and how we have learned along the way. We hope to empower our audience through the sharing of life experiences and bringing to light the people we have met who have devoted their lives/careers towards making our life a better place for all. We hope to add substance to the current media and social media standard by showing the importance behind social exchange. We also want to develop a relationship with our audience so they can understand the value of a TV show that may empower you as opposed to the opposite. This is our way of starting to raise the standards of media! Overview: Awakening Truth Series and Vibrational information Media platform are currently, two separate humanitarian based projects, bound together through many mutually beneficial aspects. Awakening Truth Series, have a variety of well-known individuals that specialize in various humanitarian areas related to science, culture and ancient history. They have been featured on many TV shows and networks including History Channel’s “Ancient Aliens” and “Search for the Lost Giants” as well as other network/independent documentaries. Each member of the cast has received an abundance of media attention from all over the world, increasingly so as time passes. Cast (Bottom of the page for information on the cast)
 Jim Vieira, Chris Dunn, John Cadman, Ross Hamilton, Brien Foerster, Jason Verbelli John Searl & Searl Magnetics, (Fernando Morris, Russell Anderson), Josh Toms, Kevin Davis as well as a few others. We have traveled the americas to acquire a plethora of high quality content including interviews, exploration of ancient sites, evidence of ancient technology and anthropological abnormalities. All of the information has been captured in an effort to understand our evolution from all perspectives psychological, sociological, biological etc. This may help a better understanding of our current position in time, with the hopes of creating a future that can have more education behind our decision-making and problem solving. RWAFilms We have been capable of creating a company devoted to documenting unique sustainable technologies and ideals, as well as individuals devoting there lives trying to find the answers to many of the world’s imbalances. We show how all the guests in the Series are using the knowledge they have obtained in an effort to primarily educate others during their own life experiences. RWA Films Is primarily a humanitarian based film company seeking individuals and or groups that have made strides towards humanitarian based aspects in an attempt to better our world. We have documented many wonderful individuals that dedicate there lives to there humanitarian work for nothing in return other than to educate and learn. We plan to display our content and mission through shared experiences. Viewers will be able to see multiple perspectives and approaches towards the same information or questions giving them an easy way to relate to the content or subject manner. 

We in no way plan to leave people confused or overwhelmed by our series! 
We do hope that viewers will have enough information to feel empowered and confident so the questions they seek, bring them wonderment inspiring them to look farther into helpful topics on his or her own. We hope to share their information along with our own journey showing RWA films leading by example and taking the steps necessary to acquire our information from the experts! Through the process we invite others to learn with us as we undergo the trials and tribulations and responsibilities that come with the new information. we hope to inspire others through the personable connection we offer showing us learning, evolving and developing new ways of thinking based upon experiances. We feel its necessary to relate with every person through a nurturing, exciting and empowering Series in conjunction with a unique media platform so they may develop more skills that can aid in there own and everyones personal evolutionary growth and development. “Awakening Truth” is RWAFilm's First large project, completely independently funded, non-biased viewer experience that aims towards educating, exploring and shedding light on important aspects of our past and how to implement those ideals in our modern day society. We wanted to create a doc-series as a way of getting the information, knowledge and wisdom out to the public that we were lucky enough to receive. We felt the best way to do this was by sharing our personal experience in an attempt to give the audience a better connection to the learning experience as well as information or new perspectives as our story develops in “Real Time”. Vibrational Information We want to focus the attention we receive by directing our audience to an interactive hub that can satisfy there social media and entertainment needs. Vibrational Information is were like minded individuals can explore themselves and at the same time have access to information regarding the featured series Awakeing Truth Series. They will have the opportunity of exploring more about the ever growing cast, the expansion an topics, along with the unavoidable and exciting new questions that will be brought to the table. There are several aspects that we plan to integrate within the platform in the hopes of creating an interactive, personal, safe, informative and credible environment. This Hub is meant to inspire and empower and educate while assisting in each individual’s, personal evolutionary growth and development. Trough our own shared experience we can act as an example in how one might start to develop there own creative way to share there lives for others to see. The Shared experiences will bring users/viewers empowerment through the self-reflection and feedback they may recive. this is a way to give people an outlet to develop reward pathway that will encourage them to post social media information with the porpoise of being respected, apprishated, and supported threw the social exschanged from others. The more one posts obviously the more they will have feedback and also a chance to see themselves threw a different point of view. We have invested in the domain as well as the web development and design leaving a very well structured, unique and versatile website. All Users should have the capability of creating profiles, blogs and forums. The user should have the opportunity to get involved in interactive learning experiences including but not imitated too: Guest and site hosted telecoms, streaming of live events, contests ext. Our dream and goal from the start of Awakening Truth has been to release a documentary series for everyone to see therefore it has to be accessible to all. To be able to do that, we are asking for help. Up until now, the creation, filming and post-production has been completely independently funded by ourselves as well as a few wonderful crew members. Working on Awakening Truth we have experienced amazing times and growth. We want nothing more than to finish this project to get it out for people to see. We have reached a point where we need to hire a professional editor to polish up and do the project justice providing the most quality content competitive to big budget studio productions at a fraction of the price and with more substance! We are also hoping to establish a NEW online media platform where people can join and share knowledge and ideas to help further individual and societal evolution. We plan to release our documentary series through our platform Vibrational Information. If we are able to get help it is possible we could continue filming along with release close to 6 months worth of content for free!! This would give us the opportunity to film all the other amazing individuals we have met in our travels and through life experience that we know you all will enjoy. We hope to travel to more locations filming more individuals that wish to inspire others by sharing their stories and information. We hope to create a hub that will be safe and comfortable for those that want to find out more about the information contained in our series along with the people that are featured in it.


Organized by

Rob Arnold

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