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HELP BABY BRIAN FIGHT LEUKEMIA. #PrayForBabyBrianMwangi Medical Bill: Kshs 5 Million NB: Kindly help where you can or share the story and God will bless you. Thanks. INTRODUCTION My Name is Polycap Mwangi. Am a 35 years old Kenyan based businessman and a Single Father to a 6 year old baby boy called Brian. My wife died 3 years ago due to pregnancy complications to our 2nd child who also didn't survive. Am writing this story while in India beside the hospital bed of my only sick son as I desperately watch him fight battle for his dear life due to blood Cancer(Leukemia). THE STORY This is my only son, Brian. He is a sweet, bright six-year old boy who loves God and his family. He enjoys reading books, going to school, playing Chess, Minecraft and Nerf and watching unboxing videos on YouTube. Just recently on June to be precise, I rushed him to the hospital and admitted for stomach pains. They took a routine blood test and saw that his hemoglobin count was low. After a few days, another CBC was done. The results for his Hemoglobin (HGB), White Blood Cells (WBC) and platelets were abnormally low. A Pedia-Hematologist-Oncologist was called in for his care. He was then losing his appetite, unusually pale and complaining of all sorts of body pain. A packed RBC transfusion and broad spectrum antibiotics were administered to his IV line. After a few days, he was back to his active disposition. Another CBC was done and the results were not as good as we've hoped for. He still had Pancytopenia so Bone Marrow Aspiration (BMA) had to be done to rule out Leukemia. He was then sent home to rest and wait for the results. Within the week, the results came in and he is diagnosed with CALLA-POSITIVE, PRECURSOR B-CELL ACUTE LYMPHOBLASTIC LEUKEMIA. It broke my heart into a million pieces upon hearing the news. My sweet and loving boy has Leukemia and the Doctor advised me to seek urgent attention in India. On Wednesday 30th August; we air-lifted Baby Brian to India for specialised medical attention & Surgery and as at now he is recovering but still in a very critical condition. As a young family and this being my only child, am totally devastated. I fear of the pain that he will go through. As parent, we always try to shield our kids from harm and physical injury. I just couldn't fathom seeing his reaction to the effects of the treatment. I just wished I could share his pain. The chemotherapy treatment plan has been explained to me fully by his doctor and we'd like to begin his treatment as soon as possible. We have planned the treatment with the doctor to be cost effective, which means access to discounted medicine and going to welfare, but the net cost of this treatment plan is Kshs 4 Million and that only covers his chemo drugs, and another Kshs 1 Million for hospitalization and doctors fees, and other medical supplies. His health insurance cover is almost depleted from the first hospitalization and we fear that our savings may not be enough to cover for the full treatment. Brian's battle against cancer has began. We humbly ask for your fervent prayers and financial support to help us get through this battle fully restored to good health and unscathed. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you very much! TO DONATE Call/WhatsApp: Tel: +254727658222 (My Brother John) NB: Any Amount you donate will be highly appreciated. KINDNESS IS POWERFUL “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” - Mahatma Gandhi



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