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Help for Mom

Organized by: KENZ ALCOTT

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Hello, My Mom is a 38 year old widow and mom of four. Our Dad passed away almost 3 yrs ago. As that wasn't enough, 2 months after, my Mom was in a car accident. Her car was totaled. With everything going on at that time, she took people's advice and ended up going and getting a van from JD Byrider. That she says was biggest mistake ever. The van has been In their shop every two to three months! Every time it has been taken to their shop, its all been for the same complaints! The transmission slipping, the rpm's revving to where at a stop the van lunges forward and the CV axles (or transaxles) knocking or broke to where vehicle wont run! It has had the passenger side CV axles done 8 times and the driver side 4 times. The transmission done, and numerous other things done. Every time the CV axles went, my Mom has also had to replace the tires. She has wrecked it once due to the driver side CV axle going while driving. She has contacted the company numerous times to tell them she don't feel safe driving it with us kids and or even with other people's children. On top of the expenses of their labor , (as it had limited warranty), she also has to then rent a vehicle. (They have a contract with Enterprise) even tho its a "discounted rate"... the amount spent on rental vehicles has added up significantly! The company slandered Mom in October. It was in their shop for the axles again and they said maybe 4 days to try and see why the axles keep going.... the Service dept manager AND head mechanic called saying the transmission needed done again and was still under warranty. Stated its a unique and had to be special ordered, would take about 10 days to get. Then about 8 days later, the company called and said they made a mistake. That it was NOT our van that needed a transmission, but someone else's. When queatiiniined about the whole "unique & special order", they stated the van was the same. EXACTLY the same year, make, model, right down to same color!!! Mom drove through their lot that night and there was no other van in lot like ours!!! So they fixed CV axles and coil pack. Tbey had for 22 days and even though it was THEIR mistake ... they refused to even help pay for some of the rental charges!! They did however state that the reason why the CV axles keep going..... is that she is "neutral dropping and racing it down the road!!" When told she wasnt doing such a thing... they said it had to be one of us kids. When told that there is no kods of driving age nor driving.... they said it has to be our neighbors kids taking and doing!!! They talked about this for about 2 months!! Anyway..... this van ruined our family's Christmas as it was in their shop again! And so we didn't get much as most of the money she was using towards Christmas, went to pay for labor charges, rental car, tires, etc!! Then the van was in the shop towards end of March... exact same things. They said transmission was fine. Told us that we should maybe start going to the dealer for the CV axles as what they're putting on is not holding up! They told us the 2 axles through the dealer would be roughly $1400 for parts only. Needless to say, April 8th the van went back to their shop.. they're now stating that it's the transmission and it could cost in upwards of $4000. They state the transmission is very expensive and then the labor, etc... Mom contacted their corporate office again and has yet to hear from them. The store itself told her that they feel they've done everything they can! While van was under warranty, the company spent roughly $3500. Outta warranty for labor, Mom's paid about $1600. (Yes that does NOT include rental cars, tires , nor any other work that's been done on vehicle) they state it's wrong of her to say the van was unsafe and never reliable.... The JD Byrider company states they help people out by providing reliable vehicles and helping people get back on their feet and help build people's credit as well... however, not in this case! My Mom is on verge of losing one of her jobs due to not having reliable transportation! ! And this van has cost us lots and lots of money since we've had it ! I'm trying to raise enough money to help my Mom get her van fixed . The money raised would go towards the transmission, the CV axles, their labor charges, and the amount of the rental vehicle. My Mom works 2 jobs to support us 4 kids, and on top of that, she runs us to sports and activities and never stops. She truly deserves this!!!


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