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Maryam Allami's Fundraiser:

Donate to build a massive protest at Trump’s Inauguration

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Maryam Allami


ANSWER Coalition wrote -

Tens of thousands of people will come to Washington, D.C., to protest at Trump’s Inauguration and send a message that racism, sexism and xenophobia will NOT “make America great again.”

Communities across the country are deeply concerned about what is to come under Trump’s administration. But now is not the time to mourn and retreat to the shadows. Now is the time to stand up. History has shown us that when the people come together and mobilize, we can make real change. That is still the case today.

Only 25 percent of eligible voters cast a ballot for Trump, and 31 million more were excluded from voting because of immigration status, prior incarceration and other factors. He does not have a popular mandate. The vast majority oppose his policies to round up immigrants, create a registry of Muslims, take away women’s rights, and his cabinet appointments of oligarchs, white supremacists and climate change deniers.

Our communities will not sit back. Young people are walking out of high schools. Immigrant rights and women’s rights groups are mobilizing. The time to act is now.

We have to stop the Trump Agenda from being implemented. And the first step is to have a massive mobilization on Inauguration Day, Day 1 of his presidency.

We need to raise tens of thousands of dollars to reserve buses to Washington, D.C., from cities all across the country; every bus from New York City costs an average of $2,800. We want to raise enough that we can offer discounted tickets to those with less financial resources but a deep desire to protest on Inauguration Day.

We need to print tens of thousands of flyers, stickers, posters and signs to put up in every community and in every language to show those who are afraid that they are not alone.

Can you make a donation? Or can you become a fundraiser for this historic mass mobilization by setting a goal and then sharing it with your friends and family members?

What you do and what we do together can make the difference.

More information about the massive mobilization on Inauguration Day can be found here.

The Team: $12,791 TOTAL RAISED SO FAR

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ANSWER Coalition

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