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Help get my life back

Organized by: Paul Risman

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My name is Paul and I never thought in a million years that i would have to resort to fundraising to get me through the rough times. back in July 2015 I was informed by my wife that she did not want to be married anymore and wanted a divorce. I said OK why did you marry me and her response was because I needed financial support for my children and now that they don't need me I don't need you. You could have imagined how I felt, I spent 16 years giving them everything they needed. They never needed for anything including education and vacations and all the perks that go with it. My wife did not help with any of the bills as I paid for it all. I said to my wife well when are you moving out and she said I'm not and I responded in kind neither am I. We decided to seperate but I had nowhere to go and was staying in a separate bedroom . Several times I said to her that we need to sell the house and pay off the debts and what's left we can split and go our merry way. SO I went and hired a lawyer which cost me 3,000.00 and over a period of ten weeks she would not respond to my lawyer which left us no other choice than to take her to court to settle the sale of the house and equalization payments. It got to the the point where I was away for the weekend visiting my mother whom was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer only to come home to see that she had thrown all my clothes out of my bedroom and into the basement.. This was the start of the mental abuse followed by verbal abuse and bullying. over the next 14 month the abuse continued and I went to the police to see what could be done but like usual they would not do anything as they consider it a marital issue not a police issue. Every day she would try to bully me into taking 61K and walk away from my home which I have every red cent I earned in. It even got to the point where my mother passed away and 2 days after we buried my mother. I came home at 6PM on August 21st to find that my living area had been trashed. My clothes were thrown all over the apartment . A bag of Kitty Litter feces was open and sitting on my coffee table stinking the apartment up. . My couch that I sleep on was doused with water and when I removed the cushions there was Used Kitty Litter spread underneath the cushions which also mixed with the water thrown on my couch. The couch was such a mess that I could not even sleep on it and had to spend the night at a friend's house. This is such an evil act. Not only that for the next 4 days I received nasty notes from her trying to bully me into selling my share of the house to her for peanuts. she even went to the extent of cutting of the cable, Internet and home phone and my work cell phome of 20 years so I could not work and the reason for her doing it is because I refused to accept her off to buy me out. So now I have to work out of the library in order to use the internet and her actions has basically destroyed my livelihood. It even got to the point where I called the police on my wife and the only thing the police said to me is you need to move out. I find it strange as I'm the victim of these crimes. Now you know what I'm going through. And I will explain why I need the 15,000.00 I need to go back to court to finalize the right to sell the house without her signature on the sale processes. Also to deal with Equalization payments as well. I also need the money so I can find another place to live before the abuse becomes physical to me and it will also help me pay the mortgage of the house and other bills pertaining to the house as my wife whom is employed has refused to pay any of the joint debt and left me holding the bag which I can no longer afford. Everything I own is in that house and I would appreciate it if anyone out there can help me rescue my life savings.


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Paul Risman

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