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Lost Confused And Nowhere To Be Found

Organized by: Daion Griffis

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Hi my name is Daion Griffis. I have a very lovely fiance named Marteze Marshall. We both are very loving parents to 2 baby girls Na'jhae 3 yrs old and Na'mari 8 months old. We are from Minneapolis mn currently living in lithia springs Ga, Douglas county. We want the world to know our heartbreaking story this is non fiction. We are currently trying to raise money for a paid laywer asap. This is our story our beautiful babies were recently took from us by the state of Georgia for no apparent reason. We were just walking our kids to Wendys because our eldest child wanted "chicken nuggets burgers and fries" in her own words. My fiance decided To walk across the st to walgreens pharmacy for our youngest some milk and household items while me and our girls stay in Wendys. He was stopped by a douglas county sheriff for j walking across the st and they decided to take him to jail for it. I had a little debate about why they wanted to take him to jail, it's just us out here my kids and I are all he got out here and he is all we have. So next they tell me "this is their county and their state you guys are from Minnesota this is Georgia". They decided to place my baby girls and I in another car me in handcuffs and my 8 month old baby girl on my lap no car seats for the both of my kids whatsoever to take us down to the station. We however got to the station and after about an hour decided to take my baby girls from me while taking my 8 month old out my arms almost dropping her put me in handcuffs once again in front of my kids. Now at this point my little angels are crying historically being their mother is getting treated like that it tramatized them which it hurts so bad. Lock me up for no apparent reason. So at this point My fiance and I are in jail for no reason, they lock us in a concrete holding cell for 30 plus hours treating us like animals. We are not knowing anything about our little girls whereabouts or anything. We were eventually released thinking we were going to get our kids but not knowing anything about our little baby girls. We got in contact with dcfs they said we had court the morning we were released but were not informed. We got out on Thursday and they changed the court date to Monday. It is very sad and tramatizing that they can do such a cruel thing to very good parents that loves their girls very much. We've been in them girls life for their whole lives, they love us to death just as much as we love them. This is very mentally traumatic for our 3 yr old baby Na'jhae. She is so smart and very aware that her own parents aren't around. Its very sad and heartbreaking to the four of us. Our lives have changed in a snap of a finger, we moved here for a better life for our kids. We attended court this monday, our public defender weren't on our side's and we didn't get our babies back haven't seen or heard from them. They said we could visit them once a week. Our next court date will be held on the 28th. We are suppose to be receiving a call from the case worker but since we left we haven't received no calls regarding our daughters. We even been calling the case workers leaving message after messages, we also contacted paid lawyers to proceed with our case, which is not really a case. We are asking if you can help us raise $1000 for a down payment for a good lawyer it would be awesome if you can help us for more info please don't hesitate to give us a call we want to hear from you and for more info about our story give us a call at (470)399-5067 thank you and please send prayers out for my family and i God bless.


That was our story from the beginning. We made this page approximately 1 week after this tragedy occured we didnt post it because it was almost like a dream that wasnt real we were very ashamed of ourselves and how people might feel. Its now been 5 months and 17 days, we really dont care how people might feel as long as we know in our hearts what is real. We have had plenty of sleepless nights with no where to go in Douglasville withouth our kids the struggle was real, but it was more of a mentally feel. Some Said life should be easier without our kids but that is so not true unless you walk in our shoes steady being confused trying to do everything that we had to do to get back our pretty 2 but really we are in a situation we've never been through and deep down inside we didnt have a clue we did everything that we had to do but it was 1 thing that the judge knew we recently move to Ga and we were very new and stayed in a hotel too. We've been in ga for about 2 weeks now we nevery really had a chance to find a place to move into because we were fairly new. But it was 1 thing that stopped us from gettin our precious 2 we had to find a residence to move. We were told by the judge what to do that we get jobs something that we already knew and find a stable residence to move into, we felt those were the things before the tragedy that we already were going to do. Start a new life in Atlanta raising our little 2. That became a nightmare and a dream that never came through. We did everything that the judge told us to do. We had to leave lithia springs to be in douglasville to do what we had to do next we had a court date and visit our children too, which was a weird feeling we understood why it was very hard to do it was one of the scariest moves we were still very confused and our kids were too, It had almost 2 weeks since we last seen our pretty 2. The day before the visit we couldnt sleep we were so anxious like a kid before their first day of school we never understood we just began to live a life that seemed so confuse. These were 2 lives that we Love, Live and Care for that we be getting scared for our Babies 8 months and 3 yrs old how do these folk explain why their parents arent around or what they are there for. We start having scary thoughts our kids think we aren't there for them or care for them.Our first visit with our kids you wouldnt believe what we did it was basically Hugging, Loving, Fear, Tissue and Tears.the lady came which means time to split up what was told to us next things just got really weird. She whispered in our ears if we can go hide somewhere. Our mouths dropped at eachother we stared lost by what we hear. Tgats when we first found out the folks who works for the system was just there and didnt really care. The situation was getting more confused and scary, our relationship with our kids seemed to be disappearing. Its was very fearing. We met this older lady named Dorothy and told her our story. She was very interested and seemed. To be concernmed about our babies. She had a nice 3 bdroom home and stayed by herself. We moved in with her, she knew we did not have not 1 family member in Ga and she was willing to help. We both got jobs and got a place to stay things seemed to be falling in place. One day we told her the system / state wanted to evaluate her place for the kids to come and stay. She really didnt have anything to say and the day went on until the next day. She came in our room and said she didnt want to be involved in the state or the case. She told us dont tell dfvas/state where i stay but it was alreaady too late they knew about the place she told us she was going to help us get the kids but she never got involved in our court nor showed her face. But it was okay we still kept our faith. She started acted strange in many different ways. We payed her 100 a week in a 3 bdroom place , she let us stay. She started borrowing money from us at times of night when it was very late. Money we told her she didnt have to pay back. She strated taking advantage of that, we didnt know what to say or what to ask, we felt like she was all we had. But we had to get the kids back and fast. We talk to our girls almost everyday over the phone but we were only doing it cause we were forced to live life that way. Not knowing where they stay telling 2 older women how they played, what they ate, or what they liked. It was a mental thing thinking was it wrong or was it right. To tell them about our babies it felt like we were giving up on our rights. It just wasnt like. It started getting worst, feelings stayed hurt what was life really worth? Without my babies that i birthed and i know they really hurt but they too young to really know and thstcwhat hurts us the most! The 2 Ladys they dont really know without the mother and the father that they only really knew tgst was with them since day 1 until they grew. One day everything just changed in their life the young dont have a clue. Its nothing they can. We feel like their life is worst because we grown and we know just what to do. Our babies is all we had we teached lived kissed and hug and watched them grew. Its really painful MarMar is 1 yrs old now and we missed her first steps too. Na'jhae is 3 she understands a little more, we know her little heart is tore the one that we feel like nobody feels sorry for. One afternoon day the dfacs showed up to the lady house unnanounced were we stayed. We. Just left the house on our way to work that day. Our phone rang, it was dorothy the lady that let us stay, she was veey upset that the state showed up at her place. When we told the people the other day she didnt want her home to be evaluated and she didnt want nothing to to do with our case. We couldnt believe whatvshe had to say. " i told yall dont send them folks to me place , im sorry you have to find another place to stay". She put all of ours and our kids belongings outside on sandy lane. Thats the day when life seemed to alowly go away. Now we sleeping in the streets dont really have a place to stay paying 53 dollers for 1 night to stay. We really need to get a stable place and a Lawyer that is paid whos not working for the state someone who truly cares about our case instead of caring about the pay. We have lived normal lives and had our own places, we just far away from home different place different places in a bad situation. With 2 pretty girls somewhere they dont belong patiently waiting to reunite with their mommy and daddy. So please if you can help any kind of way life is really real,  sometimes things that happen woiill take your pride away thst you never thought would fade away. Whoever took the time out the day to continue with our story i want to say thsnk yall very much for reading our pain that we had to share. For the people who has kids make sure you love them dearly tell them u love them, make sure you kiss them and hug them. So to everyone who knows our heart breaking story if you can please donate snd support us for our story this is for our kids who are very important who we feel are really suffering the most. All we truly need is a better laywer and a home, we are very far away from home no one we really know. God bless all our supporters even if you donate or you dont God bless..



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