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Help Keep a Roof Over 2 Yr Old Jase's Head!!! Plz!

Organized by: Miranda Fisher

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Hello, My name is Miranda Fisher, and I am a disabled mother, born with a heart defect, at 39yrs of age of a 2yr old, Jase, who's got unpaid medical bills that need to be paid. The fundraiser is for myself, and I would take any donations and pay all unpaid medical bills off, so I can increase my credit score and get immediate assistance with moving in to a home as a first time homebuyer. There's plenty of lenders, realtors, mortgage companies, and other people within the home buying business who'll assist me if my husband and I can just get these removed off our credit. We are low-income, with what little I receive each month, him at 48yrs of age, trying to work what little he can after a recent back surgery to assist in bills that we currently have, are barely making it. The current place we reside, the landlords are on us about moving and they've been wanting us out of their cabin which sits above their property. We do not want to rent, and there's no way we could afford the rent in the area we live in along with our other bills and raise a 2-year-old like we need to. We need permanency, a roof kept over our son's head, and we need our goals met, and we are riding on borrowed time. If we do not find an old fixer upper, trailer/modular, something that's very inexpensive to move in to very very soon, almost immediately, then we will end up at a homeless shelter if there's even any room. The shelters (the only 2 within our town), do not allow families to stay together and separate the men away from the mothers and children. We also receive special needs assistance from 2 programs for my son that the NC Medicaid Program pays for to assist him with his developmental needs. He currently has 3 ladies who come to the home right now 3 days a week to interact with him for 1 to 2 hrs at a time. He has speech therapy, another lady from the same program that works on other developmental skills besides speech, plus he has Early Head Start of Asheville who comes out, too since there's no spot open at either of their two academies. Since we are in this situation, I have applied to every service that I have been referred to, told about, or researched online. I am on every waiting list for an apartment, I have signed up for rental assistance and it's over a 2 year waiting list, and there's not a lot of organizations/nonprofits in this area and the resources are limited. The funds, if I receive any at all will be put toward the unpaid medical bills that I have to get them to stop harassing me to pay when I don't have the money to pay them, can't make monthly payments, nor can I settle with them because they are asking too much. However, the ones that I was able to make arrangements with that were not too much, I did pay them off, have them almost paid, or am in an agreement of some sort to handle them currently and within the next 30 days. Yet, there's just some of them that I can't afford, and that's all I know to do is to reach out to others by submitting my fundraiser to get help. It would be a blessing, and I could provide whatever information that is needed to validate the situation I am in, regardless of whatever it is someone may want to know or confirm before they assist me. I hope there is someone out there that is willing to assist me and my needy family because I am doing this all for my son because he is everything to me and my husband. If it were not for him, then I would have already had my stuff in storage, be staying here or there to get by, at a friend’s, camp, a shelter, and come and go until I could get a place to live that was affordable but not what I needed but would have to take what I can get. I don't want to live the rest of my life, while raising my son, in an apartment trying to make ends meet, wondering if I can make ends meet, or having to give away our money each month to a landlord when it can be given to a mortgage company to rent to own for something that could eventually be ours in the end. My son deserves a yard, with a dog, and a place that is his, too. He deserves all I can provide and more, and we wish we were a family who could do more, but we have these dilemmas such as these low credit scores and and unpaid medical bills, so we can't get help. We are thankful to anyone, regardless of who you are and where you are from, and we will do as we say and meet those goals eventually even if this fundraiser is not the way we will get the help. We are just grateful for the opportunity to share our story to even see if we can get someone to help. I will not give up. Again, regardless, I will not give up, or if anyone requests that they receive proof that I do as I say I will do with the debt relief, so we can get in to a home so a loan service, mortgage company, etc will help us with better credit scores, like a notarized letter/statement of a written agreement, then that can be arranged, too. That's how serious I am b/c I am doing this ALL for my Son, JASE, and the fact he's MY ONE RESPONSIBILITY, That I MUST KEEP A PLACE FOR, and Try n STAY OUTTA THE SHELTER IF AT ALL POSSIBLE TO KEEP JASE FROM FLIPPING OUT OVER THE CHANGE, 2 things for CERTAIN with Him, at Nap n Bedtime, HE WANTS TO BE IN HIS BED ONLY!!! Sorry for such a long explanation, but I wanted for you to know how important it was for me to have assistance from donor sponsorship regardless of whomever it is that would like to. I would be very grateful and forever in dept to you, and thankful. I could get head by the right person wanting to help!!!


Organized by

Miranda Fisher

This is a direct to organizer fundraiser.

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