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Help Keep Broken Tail Rescue Alive

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Zaarah Baribeau


Broken Tail Rescue is a 6 year old organization that has contributed to the rehabilitation and rescue of over 800 dogs in its life time. The Rescue specializes in orphaned puppies under the age of 8 weeks. Over the last year Broken Tail Rescue expanded its operations and began taking in mothers and puppies from Kill Shelters in the South. On August 8th, Broken Tail Rescue drove to Georgia and rescued 40 dogs, several of which were mothers and their infants. Within days of arriving back to the Broken Tail Foster and Rescue shelter, the dogs were dying. It was not disclosed to our organization how sick these dogs were. Over time almost all 40 dogs were sick with either Parvo or Heartworm. Our rescue made the decision to treat the dogs who were able to survive treatments and in fighting to keep them alive, The rescue is now in debt by over $7000. (attorney fees, rent, vet bills, payroll, utilities etc.) On top of all the financial stress the rescue is under, we have lost our leased space and we have until November 15th to move the rescue to another rented space. Because of how tight the rescue is financially, we have no funds to move. If we do not settle our bills soon and find a new location, Broken Tail Rescue will be gone. We have learned a very valuable lesson as a result of this rescue, you cant save them all. When we arrived at the kill shelter in GA on Aug 8, our intention was to take 15 dogs total. But when the shelters are begging and the mothers are sitting in cages with their 5 day old puppies on cold concrete floors, it is impossible to say no. Please help our organization stay alive.



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