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Help Me Get Ariana Urnick her Superhero Diabetic Alert Dog!

Organized by: Davina Smith

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PLEASE HELP US PROVIDE LITTLE ARIANA WITH THE LIVE-SAVING DIABETIC ALERT DOG SHE SO DESPERATELY DESERVES.... NO CHILD SHOULD FEAR DOING THE THINGS SHE LOVES, PLAYING, ESPECIALLY NOT SLEEPING!!! YOU CAN MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE IN THIS SWEET GIRLS QUALITY OF LIFE WITH YOUR DONATIONS!!!! HELP US MAKE LIFE A LOT SAFER FOR THIS PRECIOUS CHILD!!!!!!!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROSITY AND TAKING THE TIME TO READ ARIANA'S STORY, FOR A MORE IN DEPTH LOOK AT WHY THIS SERVICE DOG IS SO IMPORTANT PLEASE CONTINUE READING ON THROUGH AND PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO SHARE HER STORY WITH OTHERS AFTER MAKING YOUR DONATION/DONATIONS..... In Sept. 2013, at the age of 6, Ariana's life was dramatically changed forever when she was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. From that moment on her entire life has been a series of needle pokes, counting carbs, and careful planning everyday. But even though we control as much as we can and have almost every new technology on the market to control her glucose levels there are still factors that we cannot see or know that effects her blood glucose, stress, growth hormones, etc. and because of this her glucose levels fluctuate very often and a lot of times to dangerously low or high levels. On many occasions she has dropped into the 20's and once so low the meter wouldn't register (which is below 20) for someone without diabetes this would most likely lead to going into a coma or maybe even cause death. But unfortunately for Ariana she has no signs or symptoms because she is hypoglycemic unaware. She also has extreme highs with no side effects or warning signs and has been so high that her meter wouldn't read the number (which means over 600). Since she started having these extreme fluctuations she has quit things she once loved, for instance she used to compete in several beauty pageants a year and was even invited one year to participate in two "Toddler's in Tiaras" pageants, that's how well she did until she became old enough to realize a low blood sugar could cause her to go unconscious, have seizures, or worse. The next thing she gave up was spending hours outside playing, next she quit cheerleading, and then the worse came; she became afraid of sleeping at night. That's when we really began to learn about the amazing abilities of diabetic alert dogs. Since dogs have far superior scent receptors than we do they can detect the slightest changes in a diabetics scent (of course after they've been trained properly) and then relay the information back to it's person (in our case that would be Ariana) so that she could treat her falling or raising blood glucose levels before they become too dangerous, in most cases they will alert before the numbers even reach a low or high reading, meaning better management and less overcorrecting or under correcting! The company we have chosen to go through has experience in both the medical field, as the trainer used to be a nurse, and has been training diabetic alert dogs for around 20+ years, she also only uses hypoallergenic dogs-Goldendoodles, so when we are out in public with her service dog we do not have to worry about accidentally making others sick if they have allergies to dogs. She also acquires all of her puppies for training from a reputable breeder, not a puppy mill, the puppies are scent imprinted to recognize the diabetic scent and associate finding it with reward from an early age, which is a huge deal for positive reinforcement! I have searched the internet time and time again and cannot find one single complaint on her or the dog kennel she uses to obtain the puppies for training, so she is definitely one of the good ones out there. Now that I've given you the basics about Ariana's disease and the service dog you can rest assured that if you donate you will be helping a much deserving little girl. She has never cried a single tear over the first finger poke or shot, she took that like a champion, so if we can take away this fear of what might happen if her glucose levels get too low or high, the sky is the limit for little Ariana! She has HUGE plans for her future of helping other children with Type 1 by becoming a pediatric endocrinologist, she also wants to be a singer, an actress, a model, and also a conservationist to not only help humans but all species and our planet that our generation and those before us have taken for granted. Even if she doesn't do all of these things I know she is going to do something wonderful with her life, there is no doubt in my mind she's destined for greatness and this superhero service dog will only make her braver and stronger! So please make a donation and share her story with everyone you know and help be a part of something great for one very special little girl!!!! Thanks you very much, Davina Smith Mother of Ariana Advocate for T1D and JDRF For more info on how you may be able to help please email me at or you can snail mail me at: PO Box 208 Coeburn, VA 24230. And again thank you for taking the time to read my precious daughter's story!  You can also show your support by purchasing one of our books on The title is "I Am Ari" by Davina Smtih and the second is "I Am Ari" Vol 2 "Ari Get's a CGM"  you can also show you support on our facebook page I think it's worded "Help
Ariana Get Her Diabetic Alert Dog" on there you can keep up to date with everything that's going on with our fundraising, some may only be local but the majority can also be purchased online.

And once again thank you for your support it means the world to our litttle!


Organized by

Davina Smith

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