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Help me get my daughter back

Organized by: Meredith Marcell

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I need help getting money together to get a lawyer and cover travel expenses to visit my soon to be 10 year old daughter in oklahoma. (I haven't seen her in a year, her father cancelled her trip out here this year at the last minute because he'd rather hsve his abusive girlfriend with him...and it was 3 years before that when I saw her because her father uses her as a pawn to hurt me)

*****$25+ donation will receive a beautiful wood plaque or picture frame with your name burned into it made by me. I also sell these for $10 each plus shipping! *****

Back in January of 2011, my ex husband and I were legally separated in Oklahoma. We had moved from Texas where I was a daycare teacher, and in with his grandparents in November of 2009 in order to be closer to his family and help care for his grandmother who was in hospice. I was a full-time student and stay at home mother at that point, so I didn't get a chance to really go out and get to know people in oklahoma. I had just enrolled my daughter in preschool in oklahoma because my husband wanted her in school... Didn't seem like a bad idea at the time but when I was surprisingly served with separation papers that instructed me to leave the property with my belongings immediately, I had to stay with a friend in Texas. Because my ex had consulted a lawyer behind my back, he knew he would keep my daughter if she was enrolled in school. When I finally got enough money saved, I moved to oklahoma around August of 2012 to be closer to my daughter. Soon after, I got involved with a man who had kids my daughters age and things seemed ok until he stole my wallet and credit cards and moved out to Colorado. I followed, we reconciled. Things seemed ok until may of 2013. I found child porn on the computer and turned in the boyfriend. After threats from him and his fsmily I was placed in protective custody in colorado. My divorce settled in oklahoma in my ex husbands favor on May 17, 2013 and the charges against the ex boyfriend were brought up in court by my ex husbands lawyer and held against me by way of refusing visitation in the final divorce hearing. I was unable to be at the divorce hearing in oklahoma because I was in protective custody in Colorado and his lawyer refused to ask for a continuance. Because of the disgusting ex boyfriend, I was evicted from my apartment, lost my job, and had my car repossessed. I lived in a tent in Colorado from June of 2013 until April 2014 when my parents finally helped me move to south carolina to be close to them and help get on my feet. I now install commercial wallpaper in the fall and winter and do landscaping in the spring and summer. I had my daughter out here last summer And saw her for the first time in 3 years. I was supposed to have her this summer too but because my ex husband would rather be with his girlfriend who calls my daughter the b word and fat, she is staying with his mother now and unable to travel to south carolina because her father won't authorize it. She will be 10 on July 24th and because of poor eating habits, overfeeding by his family and little to no exercise due to the many electronics and video games she is allowed to constantly play, she weighs 130#s. The bike I bought her for Christmas last year is sitting at her father's house  and she's not allowed to have it st his mom's house where she is living.  I need to get my daughter back to get her healthy and back in shape. Please please help. Even $1 Will make a difference. It all adds up!! Any money obtained from this will go towards a lawyer for custody and travel expenses to see her. 

****$25+ donation will receive a beautiful wood plaque or picture frame with your name burned into it made by me. I also sell these for $10 each plus shipping!**** 





Personalized wooden plaque or pic frame
Organized by

Meredith Marcell

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