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George L. Rosario's Fundraiser:

Help Me Help My Son & Other Artists

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Thank you so much.
August 25, 2016

Just a few minutes on this and as soon as I shared it on twitter, an interested party contacted me. It's a follower who I have yet to meet in  See more


George L. Rosario


My son is an artist of the realest kind. He is unbending in his pursuit for ways to share his art. Unfortunately for him and many of New York City's undiscovered artists, getting exposure for their work has become something that simply does NOT come without struggle and massive rejection. Here is where you and I come in. I'm opening up a new real estate office in the beginning of next year. I am not asking you to fund my real estate office. I'm asking to fund one of the projects that my real estate will run on a constant basis to give back to local artists in the community. Here is the project in greater detail. Our goal is to open up an office that will totally revolutionize how real estate offices approach neighborhood artists, and therefore change how the relationship between corporate offices and artists is viewed by the general public. We want a community friendly office that attracts local artists to come share their art with us. We need help building the space to fit the needs of our local artist community. My Why? Like I said, my son is an artist. His friends are artists. He is very good. But like many of his friends, he meets with pretentious gallery owners who love to say "no" to up and coming artists before they are even given a chance to show the world what they can do. He and his friends display a lot of their art in the subway and the NYPD loves to chase them out of there. They've tried hitting the streets and the NYPD chases them out of there. We are not mad at the NYPD officers that do this. They are doing their job and we know it is a difficult one. We just wish there was a chance for local artists to grow their exposure without breaking the rules. My son then had an epiphany. He was at his doctor's office and noticed there was some art on the wall. He asked his doctor if he could have one or two pieces on his wall as conversation starters with a small plaque under it informing the public that this art is for sale. His doctor, whom he's been visiting since his 17th birthday and whom I've been going to since 1990 didn't hesitate in saying no. He then had a second blast of creative energy. He ran to my office and asked if I we could do this for him. It is not my office so I cannot make that type of decision. So, I went to a writer's meeting the other day and we were discussing this. They said this is something that everyone in the art community in New York is facing. The arts are being suppressed. So I've decided to take matters into my own hands. I am opening up my own office AND we are reserving the longest wall for local artists to display their art with a small plaque under it stating that this piece is for sale. Designing this costs money. We will also shut off the radio and play nothing but independent music from local up and coming artists. To add to the welcoming nature of our office, we will host an open mic night for local poets and spoken word artists to share their talent with others. We will reserve one evening for local writers to come together and exchange creative ideas. We will host a dance night once a month for local choreographers to come and share their talents with our attendees. We will have a corner at the front of the office reserved for one sculpture per month to display his/her latest work. Our office will attract a lot of attention, which is excellent for my business. It will also be a safe place for local artists to share their talents with the world. It's a win/win for everyone. The money I'm asking for is simply to work on proper lighting and display sections for all the local artists. I met with a couple of experienced contractors and this is the least expensive estimate to date. I'm sure you know the old saying, "if you build it, they will come." I truly believe it does not matter where we place this office (Brooklyn or Queens and eventually a second office in Manhattan). As long as we are accessible from public transportation, we will be seen and visited. Please help me help our local artists. New York City must remain the cultural hub of the world. Help us bring that NYC flavor back to our great city. To take things further, 10% of our office's income will come off the top to be donated back to inner city cultural and arts development programs. This will not be taken from any money the artists make from the use of our office. They will be keeping any money they make off their art. That's not why I am building the office. Will you help?



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