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Hello, my name is Ronald Fung and this is my history, i born in Venezuela a Latin American country, 22 years ago. I'm the middle of three sons, and a college student... or atleast i was. As you can see i'm half chiness 'cuz my father, sadly my father died 3 years ago from a heart attack (pretty commun here) at 3:15am, that night i was studying because i had a test the day before... but in the middle of the night i woke up hearing my mother screaming and crying... i ran to the my pathers bedroom and when i opened the door, my father was lying into the floor.... i called 911 but they we were 2 hours later, my father had no pulse...he was gone. It was very hard no only to lose someone you love, also everthing start to fall apart. Unffortunatly my mother start getting sick since my dad passed away, and she could had a job, and my younger brother (10 years old) was diagnosis with a cardiopathy that need treatment and a surgery (but you didn't have the money). At this point all was starting to make thing worse, i was stuying Medicine in college, it suppose to get graduate the next year, but unlucky with the current situations on the country the university is closed for bussiness and now won't be able to get graduate by that time or even worse i don't know when will i be able to do it... so, i figure it out and tried to start working to get the money for my family, but after 4 months trying and tying i wasn't succed... Not only the health problems, the economics issues in the country is killing us of hunger, there's not food and when you find it... it's too expensive, that's why we're losing weight and getting anemic... the truth is that i don't know how much time we have untill we die.... so, as my last resort i'm asking you, if you could not only help me, help us, to my brothers and mother. Please, anything that you can give us will help. Thank you so much, and sorry for bother



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