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Help me to open a Farm Quail

Organized by: dorin robert

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My name is Robert , live in Jacksonville, Florida and I am here to ask for help in what I want to do in the near future. I want to establish a quail farm that will produce eggs and meat of the highest quality, from birds reared only natural feed. The first plan is to raise a relatively small number of birds, I want to start from 2000, but in the future we hope to develop myself and to increase the number of birds. First I will bring you some information about quail meat and eggs. It is impossible not to have heard the unusual qualities of quail egg. This food includes an impressive amount of vitamins and is recognized for its beneficial effects in solving serious health problems (heart disease, stomach or blood). And this without any other medication. Quail egg is therefore a "commodity" very useful and appreciated by consumers and obviously that means he can underpin a spectacular business. Incidentally, all the breeders of quail argue that life were changed for the better thanks to this small birds: firstly, daily consumption of eggs improved their health, their and their families, and secondly, the revenue they from the marketing of eggs or meat are more than satisfactory. The products obtained from these birds are very special, which greatly facilitates their commercialization. Quail egg is a real "vitamin bomb". It may seem hard to believe, but compared to hen egg, the quail contains five times more phosphorus, 7.5 times more iron, six times more vitamin B1 and 15 times more vitamin B2. Therefore, it is logical that underpin the treatment of various diseases. And in terms of the flesh of birds, quails remind you that have always been hunted for their meat delicious. The fact that they almost no longer exists in the wild is an eloquent proof of this. Secondly, I will present business numbers. At the age of only 40 days, quail eggs start its productivity average being about 25 eggs per month, which, in the case of farms with 2,000 head means a monthly production of 50,000 eggs. A Quail makes about 300 eggs per year, so 2000 quail would make about 600,000 eggs per year, of which the bulk will go on sale and some will be incubated to quit in November chicken, so we birds hens for numarurul increase production and continuity of eggs and meat. Thirdly, I will present needs and the cost of acquisitions I need 2,000 quail, 135 cages and feed 1800kg per month. A quail hens costs 2 dollars (2000d quail * 2 = 4000 dollars) Egg Incubator ( 1000 dollars) A cage / battery for 15 quail, price 20 dollars (130 piece cages required * 20 = 2600 dollars) Food for quail (quail consumes only a 1 kg of feed per month, eat about 30 g per day!) (30g / day * 2000 Quail = 60kg / day = 1800kg * 1/2 dollar => 900 dollars/ month for feed) TOTAL: 4000 (coturnix)+ 2600 (cages) +1000 (Incubator) 900 (feed) = 8500 dollars After you make these investments, quails are already mature and ready to lay, I will look for customers to be able to sell meat and eggs. I have already contacted two hypermarkets. Before I begin sales, will send eggs to all those who finance business, depending on donations eggs You will receive biweekly or monthly basis for a period determined only by the amount of donations. Each donor will receive, eggs and meat. Questions and answers As set target of the campaign? The target was calculated according to the needs outlined above, we calculated the maximum of birds necessary, I counted the losses, but the 2,000 birds will not be significant losses. How can I pay to support this campaign? Choosing a reward or bounty which is under direct contributions. Payment can be made by credit card or bank transfer. Transfer of amounts your choice can be made directly online platform later by bank transfer, using the reference number for both transfer and online transfer to the bank counter. I can help in any other way than financially? You can help in two ways. -acordand financial support which consists of a set amount of your personal - Or by distributing the project on social networks. How can we find / contact? In the comments section will respond to messages as quickly as possible. On request leave phone number and email address.


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