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Help me walk

Organized by: Junior Gravelise

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As i sit here and type this out im actually doing something to take control off my life, im on the web alot like 24/7 all i do is go on the internet and watch tv and lay upright in bed propped up by pillows if when i tell you why you will be in disgust but it is my reality every day...i have litterally almost eat my self to death,im am morbidly obese. at 28 years old i cannot get up out of my bed, i havnt left my house in 4 years my bed in 3 i cannot role by myself even sit up. i helpless and dependant to my mother and my girl friend and to do everthing for including bathing me toileting and cleaning me. This is very embarassing and makes my life very diffuclt, at one piont i did not want to live. Spending 24 7 in bed all day makes time go by slow, but there is something that keeps me going. One day my aunt ran into somebody at the store brought back into my life someone has that has changed me since the day i met her, she was my bestfriend when i was like 12-19we never had sex but we were like inseparable when she moved with her family i kept in touch for a little but some how our relationship faded away, i had a super crush on this girl and i though about all the time, i felt guilty cause i never tried to have sex with her i loved her so much that i only wanted her for me and if i begain a relationship with her i knew i would never be able to see her walk away and i didnt want to get my feeling. So years down the road weve talked a couple times but while im looking the worst ive ever ben laying in bed my bedroom door opens up and this angel jumps into my bed and starts to hug me i see this woman and i cant beleave its her, we talk for a little while and she removes my blankets to see all my extra flesh"im too big for clothes" and she started crying i followed and she told she was going to help me that she loved me and misssed Me, every other day after that she came to vist and try to make me exercise and help take care of me, i dont know how but this 10 out 10 woman started dateing me from my bed sleeping over with me and comforting me, i didnt have sex for 2 years until this girl rocked my world, she changed my whole life and made me want to live again. shes working 2 jobs and tryna save all her money to help me get surgery but i dont want her to spend her money my mother is letting stay with us so she can save she dosnt have to many bills but i contribute nothing and im ashamed everyday and feel like less of a man I would love to bring my own money to the table and suprise her by christmass time with the money the get a gastric bypass surgury i want to be real man and work and take care of her like she has for me, shes laying down next to me sleeping and as i watch her i know that im a very lucky man and im am in some wats more blessed than a man who can walk, please make this christmass for me and my family blessed with something to look forward to as soon as i have enough money for surgery im going to propose to steph to marry me on dec 23- the day she came thru that bedroom door 2 days after i attempted suicide and failed, if you dont things happen for a reason and think there true love at first sight that was ment to be you need to find that person that will made you think otherwise you will know the first day you meet them its a feeling you cant explain Bless you all that help me and if you show me no sempathy and think that my situation is gross and i did it to my self your right and i respect that Thank you all very much


Organized by

Junior Gravelise

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