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My name is Nevyn Noir, though some of you may know me as FeminismFiction on YouTube. I've always been someone who is fiercely independent, even to a fault, but most of all, I'm someone who hates the idea of someone thinking of me as weak or as a victim. That being said, writing this is someone that is extremely difficult for me to do, but at this point, despite how much I hate the situation that has got me to this point, I am left with no other options.   A little background on my situation..

Approximately 6 years ago, I suffered from a sprained ankle. For 99.9% of people this would be a very minor injury that would heal quickly and cause little to no lasting impact on their life. For me, it was that start of what would become a diagnosis that would leave me in constant, chronic pain, leave me permanently disabled, smash my dreams and aspirations for the future and completely remove any sense of normalcy in my life. All the things i used to love doing, modelling, photography, dancing, taking my big Siamese cat on walks....even boring everyday things that I took for granted like grocery shopping, showering, cleaning my house I'm often completely unable to do and when I am it's often times not without assistance and causing my pain to get even worse. 
 So how could a simple injury cause all of this? Well for a very long time, I had no idea either. And neither did 10+ emergency room doctors, physicians and specialists. I had a myriad of tests done, innumerable referrals written, one addictive painkiller after another prescribed, sympathetic looks and sentiments uttered by confused doctors...Everything but a name for what was causing so much turmoil, depression, pain and misery in my life. Until finally, a little over 3 years since the symptoms originally started, I was referred to yet another specialist who was the one who figured out the mystery and gave it a name. Complex Regional Pain Syndrome  
So what is Complex Regional Pain Syndrome? Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS),sometimes called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome is an extremely painful & rare neurological disorder, and is characterized by causing severe, chronic pain that cannot be controlled via usual pain control methods. The pain caused by CRPS is ranked at 41 out of 50 on the McGill Pain Scale, which places it as being more painful than unmedicated childbirth, cancer and limb amputation.



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