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What is the campaign about? The goal of this campaign is to buy Jackeline Pantoja Colin, a paralyzed girl in a vegetative state, a portable medical ventilator (a machine designed to transport air into and out of the lungs for people who are physically unable to breathe) so she is able to breathe, go home and go outside momentarily. With your donation, we can collect enough money to help her buy a ventilator and give her a chance at a new life! Jackeline has a dystrophic bone disease, a thoracic deformation and she is in a 'vegetative state'. Meaning, Jackeline cannot move any of her body parts. However, she is miraculously able to move her facial muscles, able to talk, eat, taste, smell and hear. About the creator: My name is Ana Lucia Alcocer-Franco, I am 19 years old and with the help of my aunt, Dolores Hernandez, we have created a charity fund for a paralyzed girl named Jackeline in Mexico City. I met Jackeline while visiting a hospital for respiratory diseases when doing voluntary work in Mexico City. When I first met Jackeline I was shocked by the state she was in. A young girl of 21 years old unable to move anybody part except of her facial muscles and unable to breathe physically. She seemed trapped in her own body. A lively soul inside of an unresponsive body and incapable of performing the very action that allows humans to live: breathing. I was speechless. But what surprised me the most was the inner strength she showed me and how much life she had inside of her despite her condition. As I got to know her I realized the seriousness of her situation: she is one of the few unlucky people in the world that is completely imprisoned by a physical condition and yet she expresses a deep yearning to live! She said to me: ` We should not focus on what we have don't have but on what we do have.´ I was so moved by her optimism and her desire to go out into the world that I decided I needed to help her. Her mother explained that Jackeline was born with a dystrophic bone disease and developed a thoracic deformation. Due to her condition she requires a medical ventilator to be able to breathe; however, Jackeline´s family is unable to afford a medical ventilator. After undergoing many major operations, Jackeline was left to intern in a public hospital, who is temporarily letting her borrow their ventilator. Jackeline and her family are desperate to go home and they have waited for months for somebody to help. Jackeline used to have a phone where she could communicate with her friends by using her tongue. Unfortunately her phone broke and now she just waits in the hospital. Every time I think about Jackeline waiting there, minutes, hours and days passing by in the hospital with almost no distractions and nothing to do, my heart breaks. I realized it was time for somebody to help her! How is the money going to be used? All the money will be collected and given to the family of Jackeline so that they can buy her a portable medical ventilator. This medical ventilator has a battery power of 2 hours which will allow Jackeline to go outside and see the world for some moments. When will we know if the charity has reached its goal? Once the goal has been completed and all the money collected we will send an email to all donors; thanking them for their great help.



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karina is working on selecting a charity so you can support HELP PARALYZED GIRL IN A VEGETATIVE STATE BREATHE.