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Hi Everyone, I'm new to this, but I'm here to ask for your support for my old high school friend Patti. Thanks to the magic of Facebook, Patti and I found each other after 40 years! We were great friends in High School but eventually drifted apart and lost touch. When I finally caught back up with her, I learned she had moved to Puerto Rico, has 2 beautiful children, and is now a proud grandmother! I was so happy for her. She also mentioned that she was divorced, but passed all that and living life again. Happy and laid back just as I remembered her... Until last week when it all fell apart in a horrifying way. You see what I didn't know was how bad that marriage was. Of course, nobody wants to share the sad truth that you got sucked into a bad relationship where you weren't treated well, or worse. And why should she when she was up on her feet again and in a good place. But domestic abusers know no bounds. What i learned recently was heartbreaking. Long story short her ex showed up in a complete rage and, in a bid to end his own life, started an explosion that caused serious injury to himself, and completely destroyed Patti's place. Blew it up! Not just her house - her safe space. Her new beginning. I know Patti enough to know she would never ask for a handout, but I simply cannot stand idly by, knowing my friend has suffered this terrible, shocking tragedy. If you knew her, you wouldn't believe it - no way a tough broad from the Bronx would ever get into a situation like that! But unfortunately that's exactly what happened. And it's not her fault. Domestic abusers will sometimes do whatever it takes to make their spouse (or ex) absolutely miserable. And this guy came back at her in a spectacular fashion! But let's make sure he doesn't succeed by showing her we care. She didn't have a gold plated insurance policy. She won't be given a temporary place or probably much of anything to help her rebuild. She needs help. So, this message is directed to all of my old classmates, but also to anyone who decries and denounces domestic abuse. We need to help each other through dark times like this. Whoever out there has a kind and caring heart, and a few extra dollars, please give and help my friend Patti out so she can get back up on her feet. Thanks so much for your attention and please give as generously as you can. Sincerely yours, Susan McSherry



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