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My Grandma Alice Ireland passed away January 14th, 2017 and to make a long disgusting story short I have 4 kids now 3 at the time I took great care of my Grandma with my wife's help while at work for a few years it got to be to much for me and I moved her in a memory care facility somehow while in there a lady that no one knows files court document to have myself and sister removed as trustee and Gaurdian and appoint herself as those I paid her bill on January 10th and visited her (I would spend time with her at least once a week)the facility didn't inform me of the petition amd that lady was granted those jobs she never told me about it until April she came to my house with an eviction notice (The house ive lived in for 18 years and picked out and was left in her trust) then we had court with four kids and a wife being the only source of income I had no money for an attorney so now I woke up to go to work and there is a notice saying I have to be out of MY house by the 19th or the Sheriff will remove us her reason for kicking me and my 4 kids out is that she needs to sell the house to pay my grandma's bills and all her bills except one are because of this lady hiring lawyer's and court fees and other bills she created for my Grandma the only bill she had was to pay back Medicaid which was willing to give me 5 years to pay off which is a bit greater than 60 thousand and now with all these other bills she created my Grandma owes a total of more than 170 thousand so to save what my Grandma worked her whole life for and wanted me to have and of coarse so my children aren't homeless I need to come up with a lot of money I have always been one to help always have to homeless and stopped to help someone broke down always helped others before helping myself and always believed in karma and wow now I'm gonna be homeless because of some snake don't ask me how she did this or even how she is getting away with this I've talked to the police and legal aid the city of council the senior center and aging people with disabilities and probably others I cant think of ive tried to figire this out I cant understand how or why but all I can do is hope for the best and prey I feel like this lady is taking my grandma's life and hard work and erasing it she didn't even do anything with her remains no funeral nothing I didn't find out my Grandma passed from her or the facility my wife read about it and informed me I had to get help to even find out what morgue she was being held in and Its truly sad, it deeply disgust and horifies me how many others does she or people like her get away with this how many familys life's have been uprooted and destroyed filled with depression confusion lost helpless hopeless at a total loss not knowing what to do where to go my main concern is what is going to happen to my children I can keep going on and on and on but I don't want to I want to just stay home with my family in the house that my Grandma purchased for me with her hard work and love thank you for any and all help and thank you for taking the time to read my short story sorry to bother you



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