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Help Fund PAY-GO tech.PAYMENT Processor For Africa/Global

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A business man was shot dead in a street of lagos in our TOUR to Nigeria cos the man was carrying loads of cash with him on his way to go and buy building materials on his arrival from abroad,and the criminals tracked and followed the man and open bullets on him and he died instant living his poor family in this crazy world alone and they made away with all the loads of money with him... If at all he was introduced to ..NEW PAY GO company in Africa,he must be alife today, if at all the criminal does not found him with any cash ,his life must be safe till this day...So traditional carrying of money by business people have to stope in Africa and the world today and thats why as we the software computer programers have come up with this new proofed working idea for helping business people in Africa , also an easy payment system for them that works across mobile networking... And you all now know that the mobile economy is blooming at an even faster rate than expected—by 2017/2018, it will be valued at $3.1 trillion, $200 billion more than the $2.9 trillion Yankee Group forecasted in October 2012.* We are mobile software Engineers in U.K born in CAPE VERDE ISLANDS, we resides here as software student programers were the idea was build up in Sunderland,United Kingdom... 

We have build an APP and a hardware EMV Reader that is going to help local businesses here across African nations,because the normal ATM 24 machine that charge businesses there is very expensive there after our tour investigation on the project,and many local business owners can not afford it contract for the service.We have now come up with this new idea on mobile payment APP + hardware EMV READER you can be able to use on your mobile phones as an APP to enable your customers pay on your mobile phone and get the money paid by your customers to direct deposit in your choice bank account in Africa. You see all business people will profit from this project in Africa, or all works of life that needs an easy accept payment system in their mobile phones APP,tablets,Laptops etc. Now all has been tested and proofed working in a professional way with us,see project video in our profile cos seeing is believing, we now want to open the named company as --PAY-GO, to start the service in 5 months time across Africa which will cause us money we have not to get the tools we need ready for the course.

 Now Big name Banks want to get us down and kill our dreams because the one they have on the market already there in Africa,our own can get their own down and that why they want us to be dead so that they will keep profiting and killing the local business African people with over greedy profits. Now,We need money to register the company in Africa with all the legal government document process,get our APP registered for every body in the world to have access to it in APP market stores in ANDROID,WINDOWS phone,Iphones, mobile operating systems, to get the debit local bank card READER or EVM reader on our company name and certified it with visa/master card to enable it bill local bank given cards, international visa and master card payments for every body across Africa. Now we need to buy our hardware tools that will make ..PAY GO ..stand as unique mobile payment processor global in an authentic way physical /online in Africa and boom African backward way of payment system in business so that they can stop one carrying load of money with him and use his or her mobile and finish payments he or she wants with mobile network to reduce risk etc... 

to Africa below---  

1. Enjoy unlimited monthly credit card transaction volume.

 2. Get fast settlement to your preferred bank account within 48 hours of each transaction, improving cash flow. 

3. Accept more than just retail or quick payments. Now you can take nonprofit donations, deposits, installments, and final balances as work progresses or is completed. 

4. Accept payments anywhere you are, including at your customers' locations.

 5. Avoid the possibility of lost checks and save a trip to the bank. 6. Avoid carrying CASH with you to avoid criminal atack risk..

Our Guiding Principles of PAYGO FOUNDATION.

1. We're all in this together if PAYGO FOUNDATION stands in Africa and Global .

2.. Nothing truly happens unless a life is changed via PAYGO help to local business people mixing customer willing to buy paying money cos they have no way to accept the customer tourist visit visa and master and local debit clients payment systems like PAYGO .

3...No one has all the answers, but we can bring together the people who can find them FOR LOCAL BUSINESS people like PAYGO.

3... Results you can measure are the only results that matter like PAYGO and your donation for help local business people across Africa..

4...Empowerment is liberating and life-changing.We need PAYGO stand forever by your help.

5... There is always a way to be faster, leaner, and better.When you support and help paygo stand for good.

6..The greatest good is helping people with this our new idea to Africa mission live their best life story in their busineses.etc

 Your support is like lending us money to start and getting it back from us by using our service at cheaper rate or even free,also we have decided to give back to the community / the countries that we have our services when we go global in Africa with this idea...We will be gratefully for helping this idea grow without our dreams dieing here in U.K as best SOFTWARE / hardware mobile software's engineers we want to be for the future of Africa,and for a better world... Thanks You All For helping the young software Engineers charity organization called ..PAY GO... living here in U.K for this our mission to go and educate Africa nations on this safe way of payment system afordable to any buisness man and woman there in Africa,God will replenish your pockets double times for being a helper to make this charity project..PAY GO.. a successin Africa,any amount is accepted to build this project in the video in our profile that will cause us about 50 to 70,000,000 USD to Africa our mothers land we love and protects for it development ... 

PAY-GO members project manager Sponsor and founder Team For Africa .. . Mr.Maxwell .O.

Your contributions are vital to the PAYGO Foundation's ongoing work around Africa and Global. Your generous support will benefit the PAYGO Foundation's programs and operations.



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