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Help Story of Redemption CHRISTIAN FILMS Reach the NEXT GENERATION for CHRIST!

James Nored


Christianity is in Decline, Especially Among the "Next Generation"

Weekly church attendance in the U.S. is only 17 percent. The Millennial generation (born 1982-2000) is the largest generation in the U.S. history at 83 million people, but 35 percent of this generation has no faith affiliation whatsoever. Millions of immigrants are coming to the U.S. from different faith backgrounds. People today do not know the biblical story!

But Today There is a Huge Interest in Story, Video, and Social Media

Today Facebook alone has over 1 billion users, and it is predicted that in five years, Facebook will be 95 percent video. Instagram has reached nearly a half a billion users. Snapchat has over 6 billion video views each day. There are few things as natural today as sharing videos and great stories--you probably shared one this week. And the biblical story is the greatest story of all time!

So We are Professionally Filming the Overall Biblical Story of Redemption in Israel and the U.S. w/Sharable Videos

People today are used to amazing films and landscapes, such as found in the Lord of the Rings, and frankly, most Christian films are poorly produced. So the Story of Redemption is being professionally filmed in Israel and the U.S., with stunning cinematography (as seen above) and messages specifically designed to lead people to faith and strengthen the faith of believers.

Help Us Raise $98,500 to Produce, Film & Promote the Story of Redemption to Reach Thousands for Christ!

We need your help in raising $98,500 to complete the filming, production, and promotion of this incredible film series to share God's amazing love through Jesus Christ. These films can be watched and shared on social media, in homes, coffee shops, the workplace, with Christian schools, youth groups, & seeker small groups. With a worldwide distribution, thousands can be reached!

Here are some testimonials of those who have gone through the series:

"The Story of Redemption is great. The video I watched was only five minutes long, and I could watch it on my phone. I shared it with my roommate!" - Natalie, Millennial

"The Story of Redemption starts where people are at . . . Our daughter is taking her teen girlfriends through the Story of Redemption." - Matt and Melissa Raines, EPIC Church, Church Planters, Torrance, CA

"It's time to start using the methods that make sense to people today." - Scott Lambert, Executive Director of Let's Start Talking, International Ministry

"The Story of Redemption makes it very real and effective for telling the story of Jesus Christ." - Jon Reed, Senior Minister, El Segundo, CA (Los Angeles Area)

"In watching the Story of Redemption, I felt a peace come over me that I have never felt before. I don't want to be Muslim anymore . . . I want to follow Jesus." - "Ada" - Former Muslim

About the Author and Producer

James Nored, Doctor of Ministry, (Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, CA) has served as a lead minister, evangelist, and teacher for 18 years. He is the author and main teacher for the Story of Redemption, which, as he says, is "God's story." He has devoted his life to sharing the gospel in powerful and current ways, and he is passionate about reaching the next generation for Christ. He is married to his wife, Becki, of twenty years, and has three beautiful daughters.



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