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Help Support Baby Girardi and Mothers Pregnancy Complications

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Super long story and I hate asking for help. So let's get the whiny Woah is me sh** out of the way first... Some of you that know me, know that I've battled with serious depression and anxiety that has only ever gotten worse since my babies I have lost. I am pregnant now and due in October, high risk pregnancy and hoping its my rainbow baby finally. Bills are racking up and seems we can't catch a break. Just moved for a better life for my child and to have more space and not be in the downtown craziness I was before, no place to raise my child. On top of that, I picked up two jobs and got fired from one because I finally told them I was pregnant bc I can't hide it anymore, got fired the next day and yes I know it's discrimination but you have to have a lot of proof for anything to work out in my favor. And the other job I have is not consistent and minimum wage which does not pay for anything really. And then about a month ago Vinny got laid off from his RAC sales manager job due to new management, which was also total BS. When it comes to doctor bills, rent, baby complications, etc I need a lot more than I'm asking for for specialists and doctors alone because insurance won't cover any of the new treatment,  but I'm not a greedy person and every cent counts. And I still don't know much yet myself... I'm tearing up typing this just bc I hate asking anyone for help, especially financially. Anyone is more than welcome to message me if you have further questions on my situation and understanding why me and my childs health is declining . I have been diagnosed with pre-eclampsia which has now turned into eclampsia Dr is pretty sure. :'( I'm scared. Afraid I'm gonna lose this place too if I don't find something better quick on top of the worry of being able to  become a mother and make sure me and my baby are safe at the finish line. . If anyone knows about places hiring I'd be so appreciative of you and just reach out to me please. Again I feel awful for asking for help, so I'm sorry my friends. I just don't know where else to turn. And if anyone has any girl baby items I'd be more than happy to take any donations if I don't have it already, because I'm afraid I'll be having my baby way premature and may not have important things I may need ...  So pray we figure it  out before I give birth in October or sooner. thank you for even taking the time to read this. And again message me if you want to know more into detail about what's going on.  It's very personal which is why I'm hesitant to post it on here bc I've gotten several nasty messages from people I don't even know sharing hate. Love you all, and any support counts! Positive comments! SHARES! A dollar.  Anything :) I'll keep writing updates the more I know.  But I am gonna admit I'm still in shock.  Pray/send good vibes to me please and thank you!



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