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Help The Victims of War Stricken Yemen!

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T. Saba


I am from Yemen. I am lucky. I have been fed, clothed, and cared for all of my life. My family immigrated to the United States years ago and for the majority of my life, I have been living in the US. A couple of years back, during the only year-long stay in Yemen, I encountered a small child. This child could have been no more than seven years old. My mother and I had gone out to a crowded and very busy market place and as I sat waiting for my mother, this girl approaches me slowly. She walks towards me, one arm extended forth. She doesn't speak, but it was if she was speaking in mute, crying out for help... for anything small or large. I had ABSOLUTELY nothing to give and it felt extremely horrendous. I felt truly helpless and decided that from that day on, I never wanted to feel that way again. In the years passing, Yemen has been stricken with a Civil War, that includes a few different countries as well, and so many civilians have been injured or displaced. They are without homes, without food, without clothing, without water, and even without families now. Something NEEDS to be done; action NEEDS to be taken. The month of Ramadan is coming up, beginning next week, and this month is a time to reflect and to support one another. Please help by donating ANYTHING at all as every single penny will be sent to Yemen to help fathers and mothers purchase meals for their children and to help all individuals with injuries or any other issues. These people have near to nothing now and their circumstances are simply terrible byproducts of war. They did nothing, yet the suffer so much. Think of all of your loved ones that live in other cities, states, and countries and imagine if such circumstance affected them and please help me help my people survive, sustain, and grow.



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