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Please help me to walk again!!!

Organized by: Georgene West

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I am 51 years old and on the 23 of December, I went to Gateway Hospital and the dr emitted me. My left leg was swollen with a blister on it. I could still walk but it hurt really bad, so when I got to the hospital the doctor cameand said it was infected and I said okay so they gave me antibiotics and the my doctor come in later on that evening in my room. And my doctor told me that he had to put stents in my leg because of blood flow wasn't too good and I said okay well the morning of Christmas Eve they took me to surgery to put stents in through my groin. Later that evening when I woke up and I was all medicated didn't know what was going on I ask the doctor how many steps he had to put in he said nothing I said okay what did you do he said I had to take your leg off above the knee. I told him you was lying he said no I had to cut your leg off above the knee I told him you were joking again at that time he said okay and pull the cover off and I look down and my leg was gone. I just started crying I didn't know what to do or what to say. I was lost I can't get up no more more My Own I have to have help to go to the bathroom because I can't walk no more. The doctor kept me in the hospital until January 3rd then he sent me home. Then on January 5th or 6th I was asleep in bed woke up the next morning, only to find my bed full of blood everywhere so my son called ambulance and they come took me to Gateway hospital again when I got there the doctor on call unwrapped my leg to find out my leg bust it open so he called my dr. And my Dr told the ER doctor to wrap it back up real good and send me home. So the ER dr.did what he was told, that's same night I went to bed and the next morning the same thing happen again there was blood everywhere and my son you are going back to the ER again this time my doctor came in there and my Dr unwrapped it and look at it and said he was going to rewrapped so the nurse went and got what he needed and he wrapped my leg again. There is an 8 inch cut across my leg. And 5 and a half inches of that busted open, I just thank God for my home health nurse Melissa because she is the one that got my leg the heel. And all it has now is a scab across itit has been a good 4 months since the operation and now it is healed. But now my doctor says I have to wait another month or two before he can put the shrinker on it to get it ready for the false leg. He said hopefully by Christmas I have my leg. And I will be so glad when I get my leg where I can get up and walk again because I am tired of being stranded in one place. And I need help with the medicine, and I need help to get a with power wheelchair, walker, cane and I am trying to find a recliner that is a lift chair so it will be easier on my son's to get me up out of the chair. and since I have been down I have got behind on on my lights, water, cable, and rent and I really need help to get it all caught up. Some of the medicine I have to take which is blood thinner costs over $1,000 for one month and I don't have it. I need to get a ramp built going out of my home so that I can get in and out of the house and I don't have the money for it, they say it's going to cost me $500for them to build the ramp. With all that has happened to me since Christmas Eve it is depressing me so bad that I have to go see a psychiatrist now and I am on meds for that that I have to pay out-of-pocket for them so that is more money that I don't have I just don't know what I am going to do, That is why I am asking for you all to please help. And I would appreciate any help you all can give me because I'm on disability and I just don't make enough to do it all so I need help from people and all my life I've helped everybody that needed it and now I need help from people so could you please find it in your heart please help me. Thank you,


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