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Help to Educate poor Girls and Boys

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Zack Khan


I am an architect, youth activist and a volunteer from Italy. However I was born in Pakistan and achieved my early education there. As a child I was always troubled by watching poor kids searching garbage on the way to my school with a hope that today they may find something to collect what others have thrown away in order to afford food in the end of evening. It’s completely unfair, when one kid can have a great afternoon playing with friends while another is still working as labor to earn a piece of bread. I was always curious about the injustice and why is there such huge difference, when one can dress up clean and have high dreams. While others seem to be born to fight for survival being unaware of their future. I believed that their desires could be equally as valid as mine, and equally as intense. When I grew up, I started to take part in local and international events, participated in organizations to raise awareness of education and I tried to help poor children directly or indirectly trying to make a difference. I believe that everyone should get this opportunity to go to school, everyone should have a dream in life, and each forgotten kid should be touched with the light of education. It’s very sad that there are still thousands of children far from education, hated by society and unaware of their global presence. I started this campaign to give it a shot if the world is willing to invest in lives of thousands of poor girls and boys to help their future and their future generations as a philosopher and great poet once said ‘Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another.’ Gilbert K. Chesterton The overall objective of this mission is to improve the educational status of poor girls and boys to meet the millennium development goals. The specific objectives of the project are to initiate the community to advocate for support and education of poor girls, to increase the enrollment of students in the school, to increase the access of poor children to education, to change the life condition of our present and future. The long-term expected output: • The educational status of poor girls and boys improved. • The future generations of these children will have better life. Short term inputs: • Poor children supported in education • The awareness of the community to support poor children increased. • The number of children in child labour will be decreased. Success of this campaign will also encourage me to introduce my next campaign on bigger level (I already have detailed plan and proposal for that but I can’t start it right now because of lack of funds. In case anyone wants to know about it, please do not hesitate to contact me). All I want is to take out more deserving children from pile of garbage and enlighten their mind through education and global awareness. Thank you all for taking the time to read about my mission and I hope you can donate so I can contribute more in the future of poor children.



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