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Help us fight and keep our home.

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My family of 6, Husband,4 kids and myself have been targeted by our new and very wealthy landlords here in the city of highland park ca. We currently live in a rent controlled building that is protected by the housing department to a certain extent. So this is exactly what is going on this is our story. On September 2, 2016 we were given a 3 day notice to pay our rent or quit. Understandable we hadn't paid it on the first. With the long weekend in front and an apartment manager that really knows how to play both sides isn't available on the weekends, now the holiday hits on Monday (day 3) obviously the manager and owners thinking that I don't know how to use a computer, read or have knowledge of my rights failed to get away with Tuesday being my legal 3rd and final day to be within compliance of the notice I was given. Now come Tuesday morning and my manager arrives and i approach inorder to pay my rent in full before getting a late fee but was told I was unable to deliver my payment on the basis of her needing the approval from the owner to accept payment. So I immediately jump on the phone with the owners to request them to give the manager the permission. Neither one ever answered my calls for about 3 hrs so I jumped into defense mode and start texting them. Once no reply came in I text my manager and ask her to call thinking they'll answer for her. Wrong SUPPOSEDLY! Me already knowing I already had my proof of date and time and trying every measure to comply inorder for the courts to rule in my favor. Now once the end of the day hits I knew what was to come I start doing my research. On Wednesday morning I call again before 9am and sure enough the call was answered! I was cut off and then given an option and ridiculously and completely offensive offer of $3000 and the option to keep my rent $905.61 oh and a great recommendation for our new landlord if we agreed to be out by the 30th of this month. Upset and mindboggeled iasked for some time to think it over and speak with my husband before giving my answer. I jumped into action filed a complaint and turned to Facebook for advise and guidance. City council contacted me and are backing me to a point. But I still looked into legal representation because of the illegal denial of rent upon compliance. Trying to bully me into jumping for the chump change they wanted me to accept when I know that my family is entitled to $19,000-$30,000 in order to be bought out. After consulting with an legal organization for low income families and being told that "YES IM DEFINITELY ENTITLED TO COMPENSATION ALONG WITH WAY MORE RELOCATION MONEY" I know in order for my family to be fully vindicated my family needs to hire a prestigious Eviction Rights Attorney. I'm asking for help from my community. We need help getting these assholes with money that think they can run out whom ever and how ever they choose back. I'm certain I have a winning case please give us a fighting chance. Any amount will help. No matter how small every bit counts... Thank you



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