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Help Activisits Who Are Victims of Government Silencing

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All across the country ( and the world ) innocent citizens are complaining about well organized covert attacks … attacks that are identical to past Cointelpro tactics. The Cointelpro program was a government “silencing” program which was exposed in 1971 and supposedly dismantled. It targeted John Lennon, the women's movement, anti-war activists, Martin Luther King, and many other innocent people who were trying to improve our world.

But was it really dismantled ? …. Strong evidence suggests that it was not, … instead it was refined and pushed underground ... Many witnesses report that the program is very much alive and targeting groups like the Occupy movement along with African-Americans, independent women, whistle-blowers and activists … The new victims of this atrocity call it “gang stalking” and there are thousands of references to this abuse on the internet … but make no mistake, gang stalking is none other than Cointelpro raising it's ugly, hate-filled head once again in attempts to eliminate, silence and control some of our best and brightest citizens … This is a total, 100% attack on our Constitutional freedoms and it must be stopped ...

I am a 60 year old victim of Cointelpro tactics ... my mother was a published human rights advocate and she was also targeted ... I watched in disbelief as this kind and compassionate woman suffered ... My targeting might be connected to her or it could result from my later role as an animal rights activist...

This is my petition about this problem:

This is a very serious threat to our freedoms and progress and I need your help to stop it. Your donation will allow me to form a non-profit organization which will publicize this atrocity and help fellow activists which have been destroyed by this program.

Our every move in being watched and we will not progress in the face of illegal covert attacks. Please give generously if you are able to. And if you would like to help in other ways please contact me.



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Rosanne is working on selecting a charity so you can support Help Activisits Who Are Victims of Government Silencing.