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Drop in the Bucket - Help a Family of 7

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In 2011, I started having donation themed birthday parties. Instead of accepting any gifts for myself, I wanted to use this day of the year to help others. The first year, my friends and I tutored children during the day. Later, friends showed up to a house party with canned goods for a local homeless shelter. Last year, I accepted donations to purchase English books for a new preschool I had visited on a remote island in the Philippines. Both years were great successes and many people were excited to support my birthday wish.

Recently, a friend from The Philippines reached out for help for a family in her neighborhood. The family's house caught fire and was destroyed last week. Thankfully, no one was hurt, but sadly they have lost all of their belongings and their home.

No amount of money can replace the loss they've experienced. Any amount can contribute to helping them regain the necessities -- food and clothing.

Who will your money help?

The parents of the family. Any help you give will help them remain strong to support their family during this time of rebuilding.

Abegail - 15 years old. Her junior/senior prom is next week. They'd just purchased her dress, which was burned, a few days before the fire.

Ashtrid - 12 years old

Andrei Angelo - 4 years old

Althea - 2 years old

Angelica - 5 months old

Though I only know the story my friend shared with me after she met with the parents and just the names of the children, my birthday wish is to adopt this family and ask you to do the same. If 50 friends donate just $2.00, my friend, KC, can give the parents $100 to help get them get back on their feet.

If you live in Seoul, feel free to come out to Shindig and show your support and donate in the bucket. just throw 1,000 or 2,000 in; it'll add up!
*note: Shindig has an 8,000 won cover that will not benefit this cause.

I've witnessed the positivity of the power in numbers both in my own life and in others. Let's watch how a your small drop of water can add together to fill up a bucket!



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Janna is working on selecting a charity so you can support Drop in the Bucket - Help a Family of 7.