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Help Al and Vinny stay in their home

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Al B is a good man, with muscular distrophy and an autistic 10 year old son named Vinny, who has fallen upon very hard times due to the lack of government funding. He has fallen behind on his bills and is about to lose his home unless he can come up with $3000.

When I first met Al B he was a very upbeat man and had a heart of gold. He was a hard worker and loved his profession. He then had his autistic son Vinny just dropped off at his doorstep with a note stating that Al B now had complete custody of Vinny and the mom wanted nothing to do with him. It was at this time that Al B's downward decent started. He had to quit the job that he loved to stay home full time for Vinny due to his extreme needs. For the past 2 years Al B has been able to manuever his money around to make ends meet while staying slightly behind on his bills. Recently the government cut his funding to help support him and Vinny and he has not been able to keep himself above water and is looking at the possibility of loosing his house. If this was to happen, Vinny's world would become chaotic since people with the autism disorder need stability and familiar surroundings to be able to function well.

Al has expressed to me with great sincerity that if he can just get caught up on his outstanding bills he would be able to figure something out so he can have a chance to get a care taker for Vinny and get back to work so he can continue to make his bills in a timely manner and maintain the home that Vinny has grown to know so well.

As I watch a man with muscular distrophy put his ailmants aside for his son's own well being, I can't help but be inspired and feel that if he can take on his life's challanges, I too can take on anything that is thrown my way. I am extremely honored and proud to know Al B and am saddend to see the predicament he is in at the moment. I can only help so much personally but thought if I make his story known, maybe others will pull together to get Al B back on track and give him a fresh start.

Every little bit helps and can change two lives instantly.



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