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EVENT DATE Dec 05, 2015


In July 2013 I became a mother of a beautiful baby girl and. I forced to put her into an orphanage, because I am a single mother and I became pregnant outside of marriage, and in my community, if someone knows that I am pregnant or the existence of my child, there is only one solution to this problem, to kill us and get rid of us. And no one can be punished because I am Sin in the eyes of the law and society

My story

I have chosen to be away from her for protection, I traveled and  went back to my family and my previous life Ten days after my child was born, because I was at the time studying in college by funding from my family. Unfortunately, during that period I lost contact with my daughter's place because has been change and did not know where she was or that was still alive or not.

I continued to search for my child until I was able to know her place after six months of psychological torment and pain.  longing and guilt kills me a thousand times a day, but I had a strong sense that I going to  find her place, I was praying until sleep every night after that my body breaks down from weeping and fatigue.

When one of the people who helped me in the search send me her photo, did not know whether to cry or glad or scream, I felt that my heart will stop; it was the most beautiful moment in my whole life. From that moment I realized that nothing is impossible in this life.

Then in two weeks I  Collect some money and  travel to see my child because I  do not want to waste her childhood and be growing up far from her mother for selfish reasons which we do not have any fault in

I traveled and I met my daughter and held her strongly kissed her and cried until my voice choked, I felt the warmest feelings in this life.

I stayed with her in the orphanage shortly I did not want to go back I wanted my baby, but I did not have the money or the courage to stand in front of my family and told them that I will be traveling and I live on my own because it is one of the prohibitions here, forced to return again when they lied to me. The father of my child and I on a relationship since five years, and we live in two different countries, and now our baby was born and left in a third country.

When I found out my pregnancy we decided to keep our child and we decided to get married after my birth to my child, and then come back to take our daughter.

In my community I cannot marry without the approval of my family and we have no right to take our child only after owning marriage legal papers

Two years passed in the life of my baby because of procrastination and every time they say that it is not an appropriate time to set up a wedding

On the last end after a lot of debate between me and them they said to me this will not be a marriage

 Then I made the decision to go out of here whatever the price and go for my baby and get marry the love of my life and we build our family away

After graduating I worked in part-time jobs so I had collect a sum of money so I can travel for my child, but what I need is  much  than what I have and I cannot do this on my own it will take a long time and my boyfriend  has a lot of commitments to his family and his parents.

 I do not want to wait while my child grow up without knowing the meaning of have a mother or father My wish and big pleasure to travel to be with my baby in Christmas this year, I had never been with her in any birthday, holiday or happy occasion.  A year and two months have passed since the last time I saw and touched my child

To be honest with you I cannot share my story or ask for help from my friends or use the Social Media, I cannot trust anyone here because my life and the lives of my daughter and her father also would be at risk. So I chose to ask for help from people a distant across the seas, and I hope that I find good people can understand and feel the pains of a single mom scared and miss her child every second and do not have anything except pictures sent from period to another.

 I want to fly and start a new life with my family and Thankfully they let me stay in the orphanage period of time until my daughter recognize me and I can find work, and my boyfriend comes and we can offer a home, in exchange for help in childcare and teaching and this generosity of them.

It is my duty towards you to tell you how the funds will be used

I need this money so I can buy a plane ticket, and so that we can end the legal papers in order to we receive our daughter and the rest for expenditure on my child and me until I find work. My child suffers from asthma and she needs to take treatments permanently.

I really want to give back to those who have sponsored my baby, so part of the money is for the children. I want to give them some joy in Christmas

The Orphanage is not big, 18 boys and 12 girls in addition to my baby girl, they aged 5 to15 years

I feel the love and commitment to these children, they are brothers and sisters for my baby and they are only family that she knows.

Your help means a lot to us, means you have rescued a little girl from being alone and be an orphan in the presence of her parents, you have helped a young woman and a young man at the beginning of their lives to have a chance to retrieve their child. And I can have my freedom be with having my little family and live happily with the love of my life and raise our child in a safe environment.

My baby learned crawling, learned to walk, learned to speak, sings and dance, to express what she loves or hate, and I did not see it all. I do not want to miss more precious moments in the life of my child

Please help me hold my baby again

I need you to support me even to pray and encouragement me to be and stay strong, I'm lonely and I live two lives extremely separate, I do not have one to share my secrets  with, and my boyfriend is a very far from Me.

If anyone could help donate, it would mean so much to us. Every little bit helps, and no amount is too small. Please, please, donate anything you can. I'd be eternally grateful for   the best gift I can imagine, the chance to be with my love


Support Our Family in Our Goal to Become Secure and together

Thank you so much for reading and for any help you can provide.

With your help, we will have a life

 God bless you



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Rihab SH

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