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Help My Elderly Neighbor Save Her Home!

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My elderly neighbor is at risk of losing her home. She has lived there over 60 years, has no family, no friends (other than me), and the City wants to Red Tag her home.
She is a very kind woman, loves animals and wouldn't hurt a fly. She unfortunately started to "collect" too many things, and turned into a compulsive hoarder. The City came out after a new neighbor whom just moved in next door to her made a complaint, and demanded she clear everything from her property (inside and out), cut all of her trees, and drain her swimming pool (which is black and full of leaves). Since she does not have the financial, or physical means to do this, I took on this project on my own and have been at her home every single day from morning to night for the past 5 months. I've made ALOT of progress, and have spent over $1k repairing some holes in her roof and her fence that collapsed. I've been cutting trees down by myself, clearing trash etc all by myself. I, however am not able to drain the pool myself and asked the City for their assistance with it. Months ago the City stated they would have The Health Department drain the pool, which still to this date has not happened.
One week ago, my neighbor received a letter from The Department of Building and Safety stating she MUST have ALL trash/excessive items removed from her home, and have the pool drained within ONE week or she will be PROSECUTED. I called and spoke to them and explained the situation, which allowed for me to buy another week (or so I thought). Today Building and Safety showed up and said she was "Not in Compliance" and they are going to take further measures. (Again, the City told me that they were going to assist in the pool draining AND supply me with a large dumpster).
SO, here's where my plea to you comes in. I am asking for financial assistance so that I may hire someone to drain the pool and remove all of the trash that is in it. I am also asking for financial assistance so that I may rent a 20 cubic yd dumpster so I can get all of the trash out of her property before the City comes back within a week. I will be doing all of the work myself (other than the pool) so I do not need any money for labor.. I am doing this all out of Kindness, because I believe in Good Karma and it will always come back. I hope you do too!!

If I am fortunate enough to raise anything above what I am asking for, I will use it to help her pay to have her roof repaired properly. It has been raining inside of her home for years. It's so very sad, and I am very upset that the City would not be there to help someone who is unable to help themselves, instead they would rather take her home from her.. A home which she has lived in all of her life. She is scared, and I am scared for her. Please if you can find it in your heart to donate something.. anything.. I can assure you it will be SO VERY APPRECIATED!



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