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Help A Poor Small Business Owner Reach His American Dream.

Organized by: Patrick Ludger Bourassa

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Well first things first, I have been in business Since June 28th, 2010 even though business has not been good enough to support My Family. Currently All My Wife & I have to rely on is My Disability money every month from social security. Which BTW FYI last month We didn't receive any of My monthly money, plus this month We will only be getting half of My money and they are saying they can't do anything about it. Oh and to top it all off We have been homeless since January 1st 2015. Over 6 months of being homeless and no one seems to be able to help Us. Which because virtually everyone is checking credit now trying to get a place to live is virtually impossable (which doesn't make sense considering as apartments don't report to credit agencies about if you pay your rent or not so why should your credit dictate if you should be able to rent an apartment). Plus there is even more since May We have no longer been receiving food stamps because We have no residential address because anyone who may have helped us with a place to stay wont or hasn't aloud Us to use their address to be able to get Our food stamps back. Now getting back to the business. I have been working on computers usually for friends or family however I did get My start by helping out at a church ministry where We would receive old parts that companies would donate to Us to then make computers to provide to less fortunate schools or church non profit organizations, around 20 years ago. Plus My mentor the person I model My computers based on His years of experience and more specifically His current computer configurations and standards for parts to put into the computer (Which He has been in business now, well He is almost done with His 20th year of being in business for Himself, which as most of you know is not that easy). My Computers (just like His) may not be the cheapest (and I do mean to use the word cheap) like Dell, Gateway, HP, & Acer (with their $400 or $500 computers) but if you were to purchase a comparable computer from any of them you will pay $200 to $400 more then MY most inexpensive computers. Also the main reasons they're offer comoputers for that cheap is because A: They are using older outdated technology & B: Because they're using cheaper quality (and price) parts then We are. Or most Inexpensive Intel computer comes with a 4th Generation Intel Haswell Core i3-4170 3.7GHz Processor (while theirs only comes with a 3rd Generation Pentium or Celeron Processor, & I guarantee you theirs is nowhere near even 3.0GHz let alone your lucky if you get 2.0GHz). Plus Ours come with 8GB of Memory (while theirs come with 4GB, 6GB if your lucky). Ours comes with a 2TB/8GB SSHD SATA Drive (while theirs only come with a 500GB HDD). None of Ours come without USB 3.0 both front and back (while theirs don't even have USB 3.0). Plus Our parts that We use are guaranted by the manufacturer to last at least three years however based on Our mentors 20 years of being in business and using the same companies parts as long as He has, He personally knows of computers He has built that have been working with no issues what so ever for 10 years or more in some cases. Dell, Gateway, HP, & Acer can't say the same thing. All Our computers even now that We are finally able to offer laptops come with 3 years parts and labor warranty at no extra charge (theirs only come with 1 year warranty at no extra charge). Our Low Cost Mid-Tower Haswell and Our Low Cost Mini Desktop Haswell are $850 (& like I stated preciously their most inexpensive AKA Cheap computers are $400 to $500), but if you were to get a comparable computer at anyone of them you will spend $200 to $400 more then that $850 price. Now We are looking to try and really truly compete with those 4 companies however right now We are not because even though it is a better deal going with Our computers then theirs the consumer only sees that up front they can save money instead of that over time they will most likely pay more for the other companies computers to keep them working. As already stated We are now offering laptops as well as Our Desktops, however We are also looking to design Our Own products to better compete with those companies. We are in talks with Our Laptop Manufacturer/Distributer to design Our Own computers the only thing keeping Us from pulling the trigger on that is not having the capital to do that right now. We have the designs to make a real go of competing with any computer company if We can just get the capital We need to do this. Now for those of you who need to know what every last penny is going to be used for... Roughly $100,000,000.00 of the $150,000,000.00 will be going towards Inventory, paying that company to design and manufacture Our Own Designed Products, Purchasing Property & building/repairs cost on a business location, Plus buying inventory for Our Newly Designed Products. Where as the remaining $50,000,000.00 will go towards us getting a house, furnishing said house, and putting money into a high yeild CD to have money to help Us live regularly. Oh I forgot to mention something before, back when My Wife was in Her late teens and early twentys had three children. Because of Her kids father (Unbeknownst to Her) doing inapropriate things with their kids and because the DSS worker snow jobed them, She lost Her kids. After Her 3rd child having been 23 She figured Her days of having children were over She had Her tubes tied. So because State Insurances wont pay to reverse that procedure & We both now want kids, We can't. So that money would also help Us to be able to have kids now. So this fundraiser is to help My business but also to in turn help Me be able to support a family together. We are in a very difficult and desperate situation & We can only pray enough of you are willing to help Us get out of this terrible situaion. Please find it in your hearts to help Us.


Organized by

Patrick Ludger Bourassa

This is a direct to organizer fundraiser.

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