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Ashish has a condition that thousands, probably millions, of people in the USA receive treatment for every year. The DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis), or more simply: blockage, in Ashish's left thigh is so severe that his entire left leg, from thigh to foot, is grossly swollen. The condition has put him out of work and reduced his ability to perform daily activities significantly.

While a simple surgery costing roughly 5 Lacs (500,000 Indian Rupees or 9,125.00 USD) could put Ashish back on his feet and working to support himself, he is stuck in a sticky situation. Since he cannot work due to the DVT, Ashish cannot raise the money himself for the surgery. So, as of now, he is trying to battle the blockage with basic medications. Unfortunately, they appear to be doing little good, and Ashish is no closer to regaining his life.

Besides the immediate need of getting back to work and life, if the DVT is to go untreated, Ashish will be at a rather high risk for a pulmonary embolism (if the blockage detaches and moves to his lungs) or other complications stemming from the blockage.

Let's not let a $9,125 surgery stand between Ashish and freedom any longer. Hook the man up! He has actually already told me, "Thank you in advance!" about a thousand times. So, on behalf of Ashish, I thank you for checking out this page and do sincerely hope that you can help him out. NAMASTE!



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