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Help a traveler abroad go home...

Organized by: Mac Easley

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I am currently residing in Bangkok, Thailand. At this point I am not living here because i want to, but because I am stuck here praying for a miracle. Since I came to live here I just seemed to have a long line of bad luck, one thing after another. Here is my story: I first came to Thailand to visit for my R&R from working in Afghanistan (this was January 2013). Upon my return to work I find out the I am being laid off and have 3 days to leave the country (Afghanistan). So, I pack my things and prepare for my journey back to the states. I didn’t stay long because upon my leaving Thailand a close friend of mine and I decide to start a business there (Restaurant) and go to the international university. So, I stay about a month or two back home in NC while things were being prepared in Thailand. When I finally make the move things are going great and I am enjoy life once again (this was March 2013).We had been working with a lawyer to start-up this company and help speed up the process.

After a few months we started to get stalled on somethings for the company/business, like legal documents, my work permit, etc... By this time I'm started to run low on my savings and we both my friend and i decide it time to pull all of our money out of the company accounts that we had setup. But to ours surprise we could not. Our accounts had been frozen and we had no clue as to why (this is around June 2013). Shortly after finding this out we contacted the lawyer to see if he could figure this all out. The lawyer then processed to ask for an undisclosed amount of money to see this thru and to fix it. And from time to time he would try and do his again. As you may a have guessed by now the problems were all caused by the lawyer. The stall on documents, work permits, etc... He had been trying to figure out away to steal all of our money. So at this point I'm run on fumes. We go to the police but cops but we have not proof of anything. The Thai IRS has frozen all of the account setup. My stateside accounts have been frozen because had been unable to play for bills I had there, things have really made a turn for the worst.

To cut a very long story short, I started asking friends and family for help. Some could and some could not. So i had been able to eat from time to time, visa runs and to keep a roof over my head (I moved in with my business partner). Meanwhile we are trying to figure out how to get our money back. The only thing it seem that we could do was to pay off the lawyer because no one could help. This guy had connection everywhere it seemed (this is December). He set it up thru a contact he had in the IRS to unfreeze the accounts so that he could be paid off. So now that is all done now its February 2014 and now we wait for the rest of our money to clear. A months passes and we hear nothing from the lawyer or anyone. We have now just found out that the lawyer had gotten caught some how (finally) and had been taken into custody(last month March 2014). We had not been the only ones he was doing this to, it was at least 10 other people. So now I have to wait all over again and there is no telling how long this all will take. I have no money and this point and i am unable to work here. I am just looking for a little help to get my out of here so i can start my life anew and try to rebuild it. Because i cant sit around waiting another year to pass by to "maybe" get all my money back. I am unable to pay for anything a this point food, visa, etc... Family and friends have done what they could but unfortunately its not enough. So if you could find it in you help I would be so grateful to you all. At this point anything would be greatly appreciated.

Ill try to keep this updated with my current situation as time progresses. And if have any questions please feel free to contact me at my personal e-mail address: and I will reply to you as soon as i can.

Thank you and God Bless!


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