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Help Bashir Physically Develop

Organized by: sahar muhsin

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When I had my second son. He was just as beautiful as my first the birth was a bit more difficult but relatively quick and when it was done I felt relief as if I had crossed the life/death threshold into my second turn at blissful motherhood. Little did I know my labors had just begun. At birth my midwife determined that something was a bit odd in the way he was formed. Now of course like most new mothers I felt I held the symbol of perfection in my arms but she said after further research that the odd bend in some of his joints could signal an underlying issue that could effect unseen parts of his anatomy. So to the hospital we went just a few scant hours after his birth. After a week of sleeping in a hard chair they let us go to await testing results, what was off likely a genetic anomaly that could possibly later effect his other internal systems detrimentally. 2 weeks later it started. It buried us my sons father and I it buried our hearts in grief and our spirits in uncertainty. It began as a little noisy breathing. 8 Cyanotic (or blue spells) and 2 surgeries later. Our little one was finally able to breath when he cried. My son diagnostics came in he has a genetic connective tissue disorders, diagnosed by a geneticist at U.C. Davis hospital. This means he lacks a certain protein to produce full elasticity in his joints the only mainstream solution is physical therapy. Which I do at home and he attend in an office twice a week when he doesn't have a cold. People with Marfan syndrome or Beal often have chests that curve inward or outward in the center this can throw the alignment in his entire body off as a baby just starting to develop. His hospital experience while saving his life had exacerbated his physical development and a new ridge in the center of his chest from open heart surgery was creating more difficulty for him to physically develop properly. He's already months behind on tummy time due to being confined to a hospital crib and from surgery recovery. The myriad Occupational Therapists and Physical Therapists I have consulted with in the hospital suggested I do 30 sec to 3 minutes 8 times a day on every effected joint now if you do the math every finger has 3 joints and he had problems holding his fingers completely straight as well as bending them but this was along with his elbows and shoulders knees and hips and a tightness in his spine that PT and OT just were not addressing. As I began to do the math I realized their advice amounted to more than 8 hours of physical therapy a day. A seemingly impossible feat. After extensive research I realized what my son needed to develop and his most optimum physical potential was Ayurvedic massage with medicated oils. His regular Occupational and Physical Therapists agreed. So my partner and I planned to go to India to be able to afford to get our son massaged everyday of the rest of his 1 year ( the most malleable time in babies for their connective tissues, bones ect) Then a day before my sons visa arrived, the last week of March 2015. People came into our home robbed us of our savings and in that instant I lost my partner and my son lost his father. We were left with nothing but broken backs and spirits from grinding towards a health solution that was now beyond our reach. This is where you come in. Right now is the most crucial time for my little light to get the last helping hand toward getting ahold of a flexible life. So he can approach life's challenges with a firm stance and strong grip. I implore you to assist me in taking my son to India to give him the gift of ease in his body.


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