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Brianna is a bubbly 19 year old who loves to play sports and be with family friends.This ball of fun was born in manatee county florida on march 12th,1993. She had to make an entrance on the night of the no name storm.She is a country girl 100 percent!she is loving,caring and sure loves animals!when she was a toddler she would always look at cows and go "look its a moo-moo" and then at night she would look at the moon and go "my moon my moon" she has always been spunky and outgoing and ready to learn and take charge!but behind that blue eyed child was a sick child.she often went to doctors and hospitals because she was sick.She was born with a low immune system.On march 30th,2004 (18 days after her birthday) was the worst day possible for her.She was rushed to the hospital from the doctors office to come to find out she is type 1 diabetic.This is a condition she will live with for the rest of her life.Throughout her teen years she got diagnosed with epilepsy,2 different heart problems and tremors.She is 19 now and close to her 20th birthday.what she really wants is for people to donate money so she can get her miracle.Her blood sugar is constantly jumping up and down and rarely ever normal.She is in the hospital almost every month because of her unawareness when her blood sugar goes high or low.Both can be deathly and both can lead to coma's too.She is at risk for heart disease,renal failure,blindness,amputations,ect.She has to check her blood sugar 6-15 times per day and give shots 5-8 times per day.We have found someone who can help control her blood sugar,be her best friend and help her live 15 years longer then expected.A diabetic alert dog from dreys alert dogs!this is not a cure but it is a lifesaver!This dog will be able to alert her and her family and friends when she is going low or high.This will give her and her family and friends a piece of mind.This dog will also be able to get her blood sugar kit,juice and crackers if needed.A diabetic alert dog or DAD as they are called a lot.Brianna and her family has to pay the money for the service dog this includes the training for the dog and the trip to texas from florida and back.her and her family also have to pay for special service equipment that these dogs must wear and any continuing in training.They are doing this to help her start her life with independece while she goes into the world by herself for the first time.As long as she has her service dog she will be safe and more independent than ever.The life with type one diabetes is exspensive and scary and this dog will provide her,her friends and family with peace at mind.if you would like to get more information you can get it at and .please help us help her get her miracle.thank you.



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