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Help Bring Norma Home!

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Please read this, in its entirety.

Most of you already know: Alicia, her brother, and a 3rd party recently started their own business: Alicia spent a very long time pouring her blood, sweat, and tears in to Norma Jeane’s Bakery, and having all of her hard work finally come to fruition- she and her partners got it up and running. All looked promising: she was booking events, perfecting recipes, and earning customers wherever she landed. Success was inevitable.

Unfortunately, that was short-lived.

For those of you who don’t know: Norma Jeane was stolen from Alicia very recently by the 3rd partner, and she’s rightfully devastated. The betrayal that she and her brother are facing is heart-wrenching, and the financial obligation to make things right is expensive. This became her passion, her means for making a living, and it was ripped away from her. But we can help make it better and bring Norma back into her rightful owner’s hands.

Alicia has been there for ALL of us in one way or another, and for a lot of us- for a very long time. It never matter what we needed, where we needed to go, or what we needed to do- she’s always the first to reach out and help without fail. Whether it was giving advice, picking one of our drunken asses up at 4 in the morning, being a shopping partner, supporting our endeavors, babysitting, playing a part in our wedding, holding our hair back while we puked, WHATEVER- she’s always been there for us.

And she NEVER expects anything in return but loyalty and love. And here’s our chance to show her that we believe in her, support her, and most of all- love the freakin’ hell outta her… She’d never ask, so that’s why I think it’s appropriate for us to take this matter into our own hands for her.

I’ve started a Donations Page, which I’m hoping you will be able to consider making a contribution to help our friend. Anything helps- ANYTHING and it WILL all add up. I’ve started with 100.00 of my own, but my goal is to reach the full amount of what she is going to need to buy out the person that stole Norma.

Please feel free to share via Facebook invite or email the link, but BE CAREFUL- Alicia cannot know about this yet.

Help her get Norma back!



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Jennifer is working on selecting a charity so you can support Help Bring Norma Home!.