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Chelsea Garden's Fundraiser:

Please help Chelsea purchase materials for South Bronx Photography Class!

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Chelsea Garden


Hi! My name is Chelsea Garden and I am a 21 year old photographer who was born and raised in the Harlem section of New York City.

Starting on Tuesday for the next 10 weeks, I will be teaching a group of about 20 students in The South Bronx Photography! The class will run according to the vision that I have; giving me the opportunity to teach and inspire all, if not the great majority of this bright group of students about the significance and magic that revolves around this medium. As their instructor I want to make this experience as memorable and as prosperous as I possibly can. This is my first time teaching an entire class on my own and so I want to embody the ways I was taught, translating it to them in my own style. By the time that their final exhibition becomes a reality, I want their event to make them feel like the photographers they will become by the end of these 10 weeks. I plan on incorporating the materials and the presentation structure that helped me believe in myself, my vision and most importantly my newfound talent and my love for photos. Most importantly I want it to be something that works for them as an entity, allowing their best attributes to radiate.

For all of this to workout according to plan I NEED YOUR HELP!

I am being given a very small budget for this all that unfortunately won't suffice in purchasing many of the important components needed to make this successful. This is a sum up of the materials that will be needed:

  • * 40 disposable cameras (2 for each student) $413.60 on
  • * Tag board (For their exhibition) 2 packs of 100 $32.00
  • * Mounting tape (2 packs) $8.90
  • * Espon Print Paper 4 packs (200 sheets) $33.91
  • * South Worth Resume paper (For their final artist statement) 1 pack $8.99
  • * Certificate Folders 4 packs $24.00

Why am I doing this? Photography is essentially a gift that fate guided me towards during a time where school and other obligations stopped mattering and was on the search for something that did. I came across a free 8 week black and white film class at non-profit building in the Lower East Side and the rest is history. I participated in a selective citywide art summer program called The Summer Arts Institute which led me to become a part of one of my biggest personal accomplishments, a year long photography internship program at The International Center of Photography. I started photography as way of doing something productive with my spare time and it quickly became EVERYTHING I wanted to.


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8% Raised of $650 Goal

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Kelly H.

Kelly H.


Go you!!!!!! 5 years ago



Best of luck and much success! 5 years ago