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June 23, 2011

please donate to the Borgen Project, an innovative, national campaign that aims to alleviate worldwide poverty!  See more


Chelsey Dambro


I am currently a Human Resources Intern for the Borgen Project, a national campaign dedicated to alleviating global poverty. Nearly half of the world's population is living in extreme poverty and something needs to be done about it. Luckily, the Borgen Project and its dedicated team are working to encourage the U.S. help in making poverty history. And, it's a doable achievement!

At the moment, the Borgen Project is asking to raise $2,000 so that Clint, the founder, can make a trip to our nation's capitol to encourage the power of our Legislature to pass bills that will address the global poverty issue. The bill on our radar is the Water for the World Act, which will enable 100 million people to have access to clean, drinking water!

Even the smallest donation will make a big difference for us to influence Congress and lobby on behalf of those who need our help.


Check out the fundraising message from Clint:

In 2003, I launched The Borgen Project with one goal: I wanted to create an influential organization that could lobby for the world's poor.

The good news: We've done just that. The Borgen Project has high-level, political access and the ability to build support for legislation capable of improving the lives of millions of people. On such legislation is the Water for the World Act, an amazing bill that will give 100 million people acces to clean, drinkable water.

The bad news: While we've got the platform to advocate for the underdog, we only have the funding to work our magic in D.C. once or twice a year. This bothers me. It's an injustice in itself that the organization with the ability to meet with leaders of the most powerful nation on earth and advocate for the world's poor is frequently grounded... especially considering it only takes $2,000 to orchestrate one of these high-impact trips.

I want to see if we can utilize the power of Crowdrise to lobby for the world's poor. If we can raise $2,000, we can cover the expenses of sending me back to D.C. to accomplish the following:
- Meet with 70 congressional offices in 4-5 days (my team packs the meetings tight so we can do shorter trips that keep the costs lower).
- Secure cosponsors for life-saving legislation
- Build momentum for life-saving legislation.

It only takes $2,000 to make this happen. My goal is to have:
- 20 donors at $5
- 40 donors at $10
- 10 donors at $100
- 2 donors at $250

I'd love to have you part of The Borgen Project!


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