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Help Christine Heal

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Dear Big Hearted Donator,

Perhaps you have love for someone so great that the very idea of them having to be in pain for more then a passing instant causes your heart so much grief that you feel helpless with your hands tied in that moment of witinessing them in their strief.  And in that very moment, you swear right then and there that you will stop at nothing to help see them through to the other side.  

For me, my Auntie Christine, is one of those people who is so near and dear to my heart as she is for a number of people that she has touched and been the light barer for in their darkest moments.  She has a big purpose in this life to assist other people in healing with her acupuncture, and best of all help heal people in the Native American Church by being able to sit behind the Morning Water and Pray for them. 

Granted pain is not something to run from, rather then run to as Pain is a way to transform our journey into won of victory.  It helps each of us create our legacy in some way.  It shows us what we're made of, and how we can be more loving compasionate people.  Perhaps you have had your own journey with pain weither it be physical, mental, emotional, and now you are on the other side and wish to make a difference for someone else.  To be the bearer of the light on the other side of the journey tunnel.  The Rheumatoid puts my aunty, in so much unbearable pain that she can barely walk, or use her hands, or be able to get out of a chair or bed without assistance. Worst of all she hasn't been able to pick up or play with her grand-kids or be there as much for her children because she is in so much pain.  She needs to be able to heal from this R.A. so that she can do what she does best, which is to love her kids, grand-kids, and love & help others with her enormous heart and healing hands.

This Fundraisiner is to support my Dear Aunty Christine get the treatment at a Alternative Health Clinic that is known for the resutls they acheive in healing R.A.   This clinic doesn not take insurence, so all treatment and expense must come out of pocket.   

Normally, These last few years have been amazing trying for my Aunty Christine & Tio Marco, she has lost both of her parents in the last year, one right after the other. Shortly after, she had to undergo 3 major surgeries where she almost died 2x. My uncle Marco, her beloved husband has had to work extra hard and many hours to support the 2 of them, now that she can't work. And in the past month, a woman lost control of her car and totaled one of his work trucks on the highway. So he is out a truck at the moment.

These two beloved people are pillars in our community for all the love and healing that they generate and give back endlessly. I really want to reach out and find a way to give back to them. It is their turn to receive all the love and healing that they have so generously provided for so countless many.

Please donate as much as you can, we are looking to raise at least $12K AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. We need her to get well and soon! We are asking for the $3k more, so that they can cover the expense of travel, food, and hotel.

Please donate $10,000, $5,000, $1000, $500, or even a $100.  You make such a difference not only for her, as well as the countless others she is here to serve with her amazing gifts.  Thank you for being apart of this Legacy and for make a difference in such a huge way.  Your life is sure to be blessed 10 fold.  

In much Gratitude,

Christine's Niece Anna






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