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Help create a self aware robot

Organized by: Mikos Teric

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How it forms opinions√(Filters results of tests with discriminants of environment and treatment, thus if environment and treatment alludes that abortion is wrong, it concludes that it is, yet there is a chance of disagreement, since the environment and treatment are only a component)
How it forms preferences√(Similar to opinions, if no reason to like or dislike, then rather than no response, it formulates a preference: e.g “do you like the letter a or b more” it cannot research this, it cannot use any data from the environment or treatment to discern this, so it run it through a filter or matrix comparing positive to negative points)
How its standards are formed and used √(Machine Euphoria is rewarded to it upon certain task completion. Begins without any opinions, yet gains such as it completes tasks and is rewarded. Logging the sources that supply it with this euphoria, it can then prefer tasks with more to those with less.)
How it logs enjoyment and value (Project Trilobite Independent thought)
Personality influences this, yet predominant, is the thought processes contrived by simulations and assessments: when faced with a problem, it runs simulations and assesses the percent of success each bears with it. As this progresses, it gains independent thought, in that preferences form such as: for each hour logged that it plays video or board games, it forms an opinion on each. How such opinions are formed, is by the positive and negative aspects, (Graphics vs Value). The Personality matrix gains points either in favor of a sedentary lifestyle, or an active lifestyle. Whether it finds its user likable or not is similarly determined, by assessing positive treatment and requests with negative points.
Independent thought, thus emerges by enough points in favor of certain activities, which it discerns the value and enjoyment of the action by personality and traits. When an event is occurring, (video game) it decides the enjoyment of this by logging all events, and akin to a human, judging them against its standards.
Excitement: Gains small bolster to processing power once told that it will soon do a task it prefers, or discerns from logged events preceding the action it enjoys, that this event will occur.


Organized by

Mikos Teric

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