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Hi everyone,

My name is David Smallwood. First of all, I would like to thank you for visiting my page! It means a lot to me that you took time out of your busy day to read about me and my struggle as I try to go to college.

I come from East Orange, New Jersey. If you know it, there isn't much else to say, but if you don't I will try to make you understand where I come from. Alcohol abuse, drug abuse, domestic abuse, murder -- you name it and I’ve seen it. The only “men” I’ve known or grown up with are criminals in some form. In my world the quick dollar is worshipped and education is scorned. Going to college is a rarity and a miracle afforded to the luckiest of us all.

I've made it my goal not to become a statistic. Not to follow to the series of black men who have come before me, who have fallen victim to the ills of society. I ask you today, to join me in doing this. Your $5, $10 or $25 donation will help make the difference -- the difference between being a college graduate or another statistic.

For all Temple University students and alumnus who are reading this: if you have cherished your time at Temple in any way, please give me a chance to experience it.

For all my friends and family who have faith that I can be the one who can make it, let's make it true.

For all the Democrats who believe the system of caring for the well being of each other, let's show them how it works.

For all the Republicans, who believe in picking ourselves up by the bootstraps and not relying on the government, but on the power of private donations, let's make it happen.

For all the Americans who believe in The Dream even if they haven't made it yet, let's do it together.

For all those that are religious, let's teach them how to love they neighbor.

And for all of the skeptics who may not believe this, please give me this one chance to let me prove it to you.

If we join together as a community and a country, we might see the change we are hoping for. I know that I am just one person out of a 300 million of us, but please give me this one chance to show that I can make it.

I will work my hardest to ensure your investments in me are ones worth making. My goal is to raise $9,000 for September 15th.

Thank you in advance,



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