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Organized by: Minnie Germain

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My name is Minnie and I am the mother of two amazing boys and I need help defending my rights.

Four years ago, I took my ex to court for child support. Being a proud and arrogant man, he retaliated against me by accusing me of being an addict. I tested positive for marijuana and full custody was immediately awarded to him, a detective with the county prosecutor.

It had never been a secret that I used marijuana for relief from severe anxiety and depression from years of physical and emotional abuse suffered at the hands of this man. Additionally, I have used marijuana for relief from Fibromyalgia, Sciatica and Intractable Muscular Spasticity, a condition that has qualified me for the legal use of medicinal marijuana in the state of New Jersey due to a spinal cord injury I sustained from a fall several years ago. I am extremely fortunate and grateful to be alive.

When I had my first child, I realized that there is no higher calling than being a mother. I am TRULY honored and humbled to have been blessed to be a mother, their mother.

My oldest's father doesn't agree and has done everything in his power to take him away, including hiding behind his badge. He has even gone so far as to lie and get restraining orders to keep me from my baby. We've been before a judge numerous times, however, each time I am always outgunned due to his badge, family (his father is an attorney) and his money.

I don't know what I would so without my incredible Fiancé and my boys. Though they are my rock we are still no match for my ex.

My boys absolutely adore each other and miss each other tremendously. They are simply inseparable and it pains me to see them apart. My ex does not even allow my son to spend the night with us. He has even had his fellow brothers in blue forcibly remove my oldest son during a visit in a fit of anger and jealousy. He gets angry whenever I do not conform to his demands, particularly for sexual favors.

My ex threatens me on a regular basis and constantly tells me that I will never have my son. My heart shatters every time my son tells me he misses me but Daddy won't let him call me or see me. My son cries hysterically every time he has to leave when he is allowed to come.

My ex has my son calling his live in girlfriend "Mommy" and me, Minnie.

My son is now five and about to begin kindergarten. His father allows me no involvement in his education. I'm not even allowed to speak to his pediatrician.

I recently had my son evaluated to determine where he is developmentally. He is already in danger of being left behind when he reaches first grade. He cannot read nor do math. He cannot tie his shoes. He does not understand basic concepts that children younger than he does. I couldn't stand to watch as he hung his head lower and lower at each of the evaluator's questions that he could not answer. The sadness and embarrassment that came over him was devastating. All I could do was hug my son, tell him how incredibly smart he is and not to be ashamed. Mom loves him no matter what and everything would be okay.

My son has told me stories of seeing his father and girlfriend engaged in inappropriate and explicit adult activities. He has also told me that his father's girlfriend takes showers with him.

No matter how many complaints I've made and petitions to the court for help, my ex's badge means more.

PLEASE help me defend my rights and fight for my son. I cannot fight without someone to advocate for us. I've already had several consultations with family law attorneys and each has said this is an uphill battle and the law is NOT on our side. It has already been four LONG years. My family is ready for this nightmare to end.

Anything you can do is tremendously appreciated and EVERY LITTLE BIT COUNTS.

I just want what's best for my little boy. I want to return to being the mother that I used to be, that he deserves...before his father selfishly ripped him from me. I want my precious little boys to have a life together.

I in no way intend to return evil for evil and attempt to deny my ex his rights, but I should not be either.


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