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Helped finance poor children to school

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HELPING HANDS AND HELP YOU VERY MEAN FOR THEM !! Many children of school age they are unable to attend school because they have to work hard to make ends meet. they exist in the streets like in the marketplace, crossroads. red light or in other crowded their purpose one that is make money most of them are children not they were able to live below the poverty line, Most of these children have a strong desire to can attend school but their desire to be in a deep pedam for them the school was a luxury that is not possible they accomplished, the School for them is just a dream and wishful thinking that would not have been possible .. Here we invite to you a sense of real concern for all who have a sense of sympathy and concern for others to realize their ideals to raise funds separately to build a place where they can school and reach what they expect dam dreamed of becoming a reality, Let's help them, let us make them smile for a own happiness for us if we can do something for others, like it was our life meaningful and useful to others, we believe donations and your help would be very meaningful to them. Hold out your hands come to help them ...




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