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Mariana Gurduza's Fundraiser:

Help children with eye cancer

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Vlad Litvinov wrote -

This fundraiser was setup to help children from the former Soviet Union who have eye cancer and need surgical procedures. Below are the stories of children that we have been supporting:

* * *

Elyor B., 1 years old (at the moment of writing)

Elyor from Uzbekistan is a 1-year-old. When he was only 20 days, his parents noticed white spots inside his pupils. After a visit to a doctor, retinoblastoma (eye cancer) was diagnosed in both eyes. Since retinoblastoma is not treated in Uzbekistan, Elyor's family started a search abroad and found a specialist clinic in Essen in Germany. The initial cost of treatment was estimated at 20,000 Euro. The family could only afford to pay for a flight to Germany and a short stay in a hotel. There were no money for surgery and ongoing therapy. Advita Fund USA helped them pay for a surgery. We hope that you could help in supporting the ongoing therapy for Elyor. Thank you!

Update from October 24, 2012:

Elyor finished six blocks of chemotherapy and went to his home Uzbekistan to recover. At the moment, it is unclear whether he will need another therapy. Doctors would want to see Elyor back to Germany every 4 – 6 weeks for checkup. The overall time for recovery and checkup may take up to 2 years. Each trip to Germany and outpatient treatment will be very costly. We will be assisting Elyor and his family throughout this period. Thank you for your continuous support!

Update from March 8, 2013:

On March 8, Elyor had a scheduled checkup with German doctors who found new cancer growth, unfortunately. Elyor needs urgent radiation therapy to stop cancer from spreading. His family has to raise 17,000 Euros fast to begin therapy on March 18. Please support them!

Update from August 13, 2013:

We continued assisting Elyor's family. We recently made a partial payment to the hospital in Germany to help them with the costs of treatment for the previously discovered new lesions. In May, Elyor underwent radiation therapy to get lesions under control. He is now in Germany for checking for any changes in his condition.

Update from April 23, 2014:

Elyor has been traveling to Germany every 2-3 months for regular checkups. The family has exhausted all money and will be very appreciative for support.

* * *

Amir Sh., 4 years old (at the moment of writing)

Amir, a 4-year-old from Russia, is another patient with the similar diagnosis. In 2011, he had retinoblastoma surgery at the same clinic in Essen. Unfortunately, his right eye was removed but doctors were able to save Amir’s left eye. His mom works as a system administrator at education center for disabled children and makes about $250 a month, whereas each trip to Germany costs them up to 3,500 Euro. They need to frequently travel to Germany to make sure the disease is not progressing.


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