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Help Enki Homeschooling Survive



As President of the Enki Board of Directors, I wanted to update you, before we reach July 1st, the projected closing date for the Enki Homeschooling Program, and the removal of this curriculum from the market.

Over the last year, the Directors and Board of Enki Education have sought advice from experts in the nonprofit arena to find ways to make Enki viable and allow us to continue serving homeschooling families. After careful review of the options, the decision was made to shift to the current Program model, the launching of which is dependent on contribution of materials no longer in use, or through financial sponsorship.

Some have asked why this is happening now. Enki has always been a labor of love for the Directors, the Board, and the volunteers who made the program possible - without financial compensation for anyone for more than 1/3 of the time worked. However, over the last two years our sales have dropped substantially as an ever-increasing number of parents resell their books despite the purchase agreements, and it is now not possible to continue.

Additionally, we have consistently heard feedback that many parents themselves would like more instruction on implementing this unique approach. It is our hope that moving to a program model with a leasing system will both meet the needs of parents and make Enki a solvent nonprofit.

In order for this to succeed, we need your help. As it stands now, Enki Homeschooling will close July 1st, unless we receive the community support needed to shift to the program-based system.

We need to raise $13,500 to make the shift--$300 from 45 donors.

**If you choose to help make this opportunity possible for a family by underwriting production costs, those contributions will be used only to make the Program option available. If we do not reach the goal, you will not be charged.**

All gifts to Enki are tax deductible.

Unless this goal is met by July 1st, we will close the Enki Homeschooling options. Should this be the necessary, both story and activity Resource Libraries will be reformatted and offered in smaller units at a mark-up closer to the standard publishing formula of 3-4 times what they have been sold for in the past. Instruction Manuals will be taken off the market altogether as they are only relevant within an Enki Program. There will no longer be grade-level packages for sale, and while we will offer Parenting classes, there will be no more homeschooling classes offered.
For those who would like to understand why this leasing program is necessary to keep Enki viable, see the following.

As a group that has been observing and supporting Enki for more than ten years, the Board of Directors knows the great value Enki has offered families. We do hope that the community will join together to make it possible for other families to benefit from the Enki approach for years to come.

Deborah Hussey, President
Enki Education, Board of Directors

Transparency on Enki's financial solvency:
Former Operating Budget (old sales system)

- The printing cost for each individual package averages $300. This does not include anything for the writing or administration; it represents only the actual costs forprintingeach package.

- Above the cost of production, there is an average profit of $350 per package.

- In the past, Enki has sold about 125 packages per year, which means that approximately $37,500 was spent on printing costs, leaving a net of $43,750.

- Office expenses (web site licenses, computers, printers, ink, paper, Internet, phone, web and computer maintenance) run about $13,000/year

- Net income after basic costs (printing and office expenses): $30,750

- The $30,750 is used to cover all additional expenses, including material development costs (authenticators, audio-visuals, researching, writing, and advertising), AND to pay Beth (full time), and Blake, and Amy (each 1/3 time) for their work creating the curriculum, developing additional materials, working with parents, and administrating the program. Unfortunately, the effect of package resales has been that the net income for the 2013/2014 school year fell to just $21,000 to cover ALL non-office costs and staff time.

New Operating Budget (new Program-leasing system):
The difference afforded by the new Program/leasing system is that the bulk of the $37,500 of yearly production costs can be put into salaries. This would make it possible to pay three part-time faculty. Because faculty will no longer work unpaid, Beth will go to part time. This means that additional fundraising will be needed for development of materials for additional Grade Level Programs.

This new system also makes it possible for parents to receive needed support and lighten the load of beginning homeschooling, and of preparing to teach a different grade each year in this unique program.



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